Van Beveren Second Overall After Dakar Rally’s Demanding Stage Two

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Securing a second consecutive runner-up stage result, Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team‘s Adrien Van Beveren retains his highly-positive second overall result in the 2018 Dakar Rally’s provisional overall standings. Finishing the first long stage of this year’s event without any issues, Adrien’s teammates Xavier de Soultrait and Franco Caimi are currently placed sixth and eighth respectively in the overall rankings.

Living up to everyone’s expectations, stage two of the 2018 Dakar Rally was long, tough and demanding for all competitors. Taking the start of the 267km-long timed special behind the cars, motorcycle racers were faced with rough and challenging trails on many parts of the stage.

Headlining the Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team’s efforts for a second consecutive day, Adrien Van Beveren retained a fast and mistake-free pace to cross the finish line with the second-best time for the day. Continuing his strong run of form in this year’s event, the Frenchman now finds himself second and less than three minutes behind the provisional overall leader.

For Adrien’s teammate Xavier de Soultrait, the WR450F Rally mounted rider enjoyed another solid performance during Sunday’s stage two. Enjoying a good pace throughout the special stage, Xavier posted the eighth best time for the day and is now sixth in the rally’s provisional overall standings.

Continuing to showcase his acute speed even under treacherous track conditions, Franco Caimi wrapped up stage two in ninth position. Avoiding any costly mistakes the Argentinean is currently eighth overall and less than eight minutes behind the provisional leader.

Putting his experience to good use, Yamalube Yamaha Official Rally Team’s Rodney Faggotter made some good steps closer to the top of the leader board. Wrapping up the stage in 22nd position, the Aussie is now one place away from the top 20 in the provisional overall standings.

Continuing Yamaha’s dominance in the Quad class of the 2018 Dakar Rally, there were 14 Yamaha powered riders inside the top 15 during today’s stage two of the event. Winning stage two, Ignacio Casale is now a little more than two minutes ahead of Sergei Kariakin in the overall standings.

Leaving the Pisco bivouac and heading towards the city of San Juan de Marcona, tomorrow’s stage three of the Dakar Rally will see competitors contest a 296km-long timed special in the dunes of south Peru.

Dakar Rally 2018 – Stage 2 – Provisional Classification
1. Joan Barreda (ESP), Honda, 02:56:44
2. Adrien Van Beveren (FRA), Yamaha, 02:59:38, +02:54
3. Matthias Walkner (AUT), KTM, 03:01:08, +04:24
4. Michael Metge (FRA), Honda, 03:01:23, +04:39
5. Kevin Benavides (ARG), Honda, 03:02:27, +05:43
6. Pablo Quintanilla (CHL), Husqvarna, 03:02:29, +05:45

8. Xavier de Soultrait (FRA), Yamaha, 03:02:56, +06:12
9. Franco Caimi (ARG), Yamaha, 03:03:20, +06:36
20. Alessandro Botturi (ITA), Yamaha, 03:16:54, +20:10
22. Rodney Faggotter (AUS), Yamaha, 03:17:42, +20:45

Dakar Rally 2018 – Provisional Overall Classification [After Stage 2]
1. Joan Barreda (ESP), Honda, 03:18:36
2. Adrien Van Beveren (FRA), Yamaha, 03:21:06, +02:30
3. Matthias Walkner (AUT), KTM, 03:23:26, +04:50
4. Sam Sunderland (GBR), KTM, 03:23:40, +05:04
5. Pablo Quintanilla (CHL), Husqvarna, 03:24:20, +05:44
6. Xavier de Soultrait (FRA), Yamaha, 03:24:58, +06:22

8. Franco Caimi (ARG), Yamaha, 03:25:15, +07:10
21. Rodney Faggotter (AUS), Yamaha, 03:43:00, +24:24
23. Alessandro Botturi (ITA), Yamaha, 03:43:27, +24:51

Race Schedule – Dakar Rally 2018
Stage 1 | Jan 6 | Lima to Pisco | SS: 31km | Total: 272km
Stage 2 | Jan 7 | Pisco to Pisco | SS: 267km | Total: 278km

Stage 3 | Jan 8 | Pisco to San Juan de Marcona | SS: 295km | Total: 501km
Stage 5 | Jan 9 | San Juan de Marcona to San Juan de Marcona | SS: 330km | Total: 444km
Stage 5 | Jan 10 | San Juan de Marcona to Arequipa | SS: 264km | Total: 770km
Stage 6 | Jan 11 | Arequipa to La Paz | SS: 313km | Total: 758km
Rest Day | Jan 12
Stage 7 | Jan 13 | La Paz to Uyuni | SS: 425km | Total: 726km
Stage 8 | Jan 14 | Uyuni to Tupiza | SS: 498km | Total: 584km
Stage 9 | Jan 15 | Tupiza to Salta | SS: 242km | Total: 754km
Stage 10 | Jan 16 | Salta to Belén| SS: 372km | Total: 795km
Stage 11 | Jan 17 | Belén to Fiambalá | SS: 280km | Total: 484km
Stage 12 | Jan 18 | Fiambalá to San Juan | SS: 375km | Total: 722km
Stage 13 | Jan 19 | San Juan to Córdoba | SS: 423km | Total: 904km
Stage 14 | Jan 20 | Córdoba to Córdoba | SS: 119km | Total: 284km

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