TOMAS Ravenhorst believes anything can happen in motorsport and will remember that fact when he competes in his final three races at the final round of the 2015 Victorian Senior Motocross Championships at Ballarat this Sunday, August 16.

The motocross gun from Willow Grove is currently 42-points behind Pro Open class leader Benalla’s Dylan Long.

Tomas finished in a very respectable fourth-place overall in the Pro Lites class at Albury-Wodonga on Sunday, July 26 and is currently sitting in 18th overall out of 63 other competing riders in the Under 19s class at the 2015 MX Nationals.

“I’m really looking forward to Ballarat. I had a good round at Nowra last weekend for the MX Nationals even though the results weren’t there on paper,” Tomas said.

“I was riding really well in the two races that I competed in but disappointingly suffered two mechanical failures but I’m in good form at the moment and hope to finish the season off strongly,” he added.

Ravenhorst won his first Pro Open race of the season at Albury-Wodonga on July 26, pipping Dylan Long to the line in Moto 1, and claiming a third-place overall for the third round.

“I actually won the first race by quite a bit. In the second race I copped a rock through the radiator so I couldn’t really push the bike at all but I’m still sitting solidly in second and looking forward to finishing it there but who knows what will happen on the day?

“Anything can happen in motorsport, that’s for sure,” Tom said.

Dylan and Tom are best mates on and off the track and Dylan is enjoying the fact that Tom is riding so well at the moment. “Tom’s one of my best mates and it’s really good to race against him,” Dylan said.

“It was really good to see Tom win a race and be that excited. He’s an awesome rider,” Dylan added.

Aside from the final round of the VSMXC at Ballarat next weekend, Tom plans to compete in the last two rounds of the MX Nationals; Round 9 at Toowoomba on August 23 and Round 10 at Coolum on August 30 and prepare as much as he can for the upcoming Australian Supercross Championship in the Pro Lites class starting in October.

“There’s a lot of difference between motocross and supercross. Motocross is all about endurance and picking your time when you can pass riders and knowing when you can push and can’t push whereas with supercross they’re 15-lap races, with 40 second-laps, so you can’t really wait to pass a rider. It’s a different intensity altogether,” Tom, who finished fourth overall in the Under 19s last year, added.

Tom would like to thank all his sponsors, his parents, and Motorcycling Victoria for all their support throughout the year. “I appreciate it a lot,” Tom praised.

The final round of the 2015 Victorian Senior Motocross Championships takes place at Ballarat’s Monza Park on Bergs Lane, Mount Helen on Sunday, August 16. For more information please visit:


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