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VICTORIAN Taylor Potter knows exactly what it takes to pursue a dream. Two years ago, as a privateer rider, he sold everything he had just to go and compete in the biggest and most competitive supercross competition in the world – the AMA Supercross in the United States.


The 25-year-old electrician, from Warranwood in Melbourne, sold literally everything: his house, car, television, even the shirt off his back, just to scrounge enough money to be able to compete in an entire season overseas. Now, he won’t have to.

The aspiring professional rider has just secured a ride with KMP Honda Racing and will compete in this year’s ADAC Supercross Series in Germany in November.


“It’s a weird feeling. Everything’s paid for. I don’t have to worry about anything, expect of course the racing. It’s going to be a bit different from doing it all myself but I’m really looking forward to it,” Taylor said.

Taylor finished second in the 250cc class at last year’s Australian Supercross Championships behind American Gavin Faith and will be approaching the ADAC Supercross Series in Germany with an open-mind.

“I know next to nothing about the competition. I’ve watched a few videos of last year’s rounds. It doesn’t look blistering fast and the dirt from the track looks like play-doh because of the cold,” Taylor added.

Taylor, who since 2012, been competing in the AMA 250cc East Coast Supercross season, and featured in the finals in the last two years, hopes to make the finals in Germany at his first attempt. “I want to make every final, which I believe is very, very possible over there,” Taylor said.

“Pushing for a top five spot throughout the series is where I want to be. I’d like to do really well enough to go back and do another,” Taylor added.

Taylor will still compete in the Australian Supercross Series which starts in Bathurst, New South Wales on October 10. “I’ll only miss two rounds of the ASX in and it doesn’t rule me out of the competition completely,” Taylor added.


“It really will be an amazing experience and one that I will really try and make the most out of,” he added.


To follow Taylor Potter’s progress throughout the year please visit: www.taylorpotterracing.com.

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