BAXTER local Taj Marshall became a junior national motocross champion after winning the 128cc – 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc – 150cc 4-stroke 13-u15 years title at this year’s KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships at Bunbury, Western Australia on Friday, October 2.

The 15-year-old beat New Zealander Trent Collins to the top of the podium, and was thrilled with his first national title since 2009.


“It’s been a really good week. It’s been a really fun week with the team and everyone helping me out. I had a ball,” Taj said.

Winning the title by 21 points, Taj enjoyed the racing between Collins and fellow Victorian Callum Norton all week.


“The track was pretty rough on some of the days and it was obviously very sandy but I loved it,” Taj added.

Taj picks his first race of the AJMXC as his most special moment.


“The first race was really fun because I pulled away with a pretty big lead and achieving the first race win was really, really impressive for myself,” he added.

“I’m super happy with the team and how my bike performed. I couldn’t really ask for a better bike or a better team behind me either,” Taj, who races for the BCP Pro Circuit Honda Junior Factory Team, added.


Taj won the 7-u9 year-old 65cc championship in 2009. “I’m super stoked winning a national title again,” Taj added.

He would like to thank the BCP Pro Circuit Honda Junior Factory Team, including Eight11 Racing, Lee Hogan, and his Mum and Dad and all his supporters for their amazing help during the AJMXC.

Final Standings

128cc – 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc – 150cc 4-stroke 13-u15 years Championship 

1) Taj Marshall – 165 points

2) Trent Collins – 141 points

3) Callum Norton – 140 points

4) Michael Driscoll – 135 points

5) Mason Semmens – 134 points

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