Day 0 of the 2015 Australian 4 Day Endure (A4DE) has been run today in Tasmania. A day of pre-riding selected tests and a prologue to select a rider start position for Day 1 of the A4DE.

In slick grass prologue conditions, Daniel Milner piloted his machine to a 5th overall finish. Fellow Vic Senior Trophy team member Chris Davey finished in 6th. Daniel Sanders was the next highest Vic Team member to follow with an 11th finish. Peter Boyle finish 21st, and Tom Mason was in 62nd place.

The Victorian Junior Trophy Team, Alex Bolton placed 16th, Andrew Wilksch 37th, Lyndon Snograss 58th, and Jai Wedlock 61st.

The Women’s Team, Kellie Cantanse finished 174th overall, Alex Long 218th and Niki Bedford 220th.

Tomorrow Victorian Senior Trophy Team,

Riley Graham will lead the Victorian contingent on the first row of the starts, as one of the top 3.

Daniel Milner, Daniel Sanders and Chris Davey, will be up early with a 7:21 start, in the second row.

Peter Boyle will begin competition on the the 6th start at 7:20 am

Tom Mason will be in action at 7:44am.

Jai Wedlock begins at 7:28am  will lead the charge of the Vic Junior Team, followed by Alex Bolton at 7:34am, Andrew Wilksch at 7:39am and Lyndon Snodgrass 7:43am.

In the Women’s Vic Team, Kellie Cantanese begins her day at 8.24am, while Nikki Bedford and Alex Long both start at 8.33am.

Victorian A4DE debutante Mark Grove was picked as a reserve for the Vic Senior team, finished 51st overall and as he isn’t a member of a team, will start further back in the field after the trophy teams. He is on the 5th row after the teams, starting at 7:47am.

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