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Day 5 of the International Six Days of Enduro (ISDE) has completed and Victorian Daniel ‘Chucky’ Sanders still leads the E3 Class. Italian Oscar Balleti won Day 5 whom is in second place over all 1:58.86 behind Sanders. Fellow Victorian Tom Mason whom finished 87th for the day, currently sits in 20th place 17:02 behind 19th place and 36.08 behind Sanders. Daniel Milner is current seonod overall in the E2 Class, 35.10 behind American Ryan Sipes.

Team Australia still leads the Junior World Trophy (Broc Grabham, Tom Mason, Daniel Sanders and Tye Simmonds), and the Women’t Trophy Jessica Gardiner, Tayla Jones and Jemma Wilson), however in the World Trophy, Australia has been demoted a place after France issues a protest in regards to their riders being excluded due to missing a time check, 3 Team France members where apart of 8 riders that missed a time check in the trail section, the FIM have provisionally reversed the ruling allowing the 8 riders to complete the competition which its last day tomorrow. Australia has the chance to be the first country to clean sweep all three classes at the ISDE, a feat that has never been conquered. The ruling has upset a majority of fans and supporters, as one of the major rules of the ISDE is that a competitor can not deviate from the set course, and missing a time check is a number 1 not to do, because of the penalty that applies.Team Australia’s World trophy team of Josh Green, Daniel Milner (VIC), Matty Phillips, Beau Ralston, Lachlan Stanford and Glenn Kearny will be highly motivated to do will in the motocross section tomorrow, the final day of competition.

Special Test 1 GELNICA – 5.50km

Daniel Milner 3rd

Daniel Sanders 6th

Tom Mason 70th

Special Test 2 KOJSOV – 5.30km

No results posted as yet

Special Test 3 JAHODNA – 7.50km

Daniel Milner 2nd

Daniel Sanders 3rd

Tom Mason 99th

Special Test 4 GELNICA – 5.50km

Daniel Milner 1st

Daniel Sanders 5th

Tom Mason 77th

Special Test 5 KOJSOV – 5.30km

Daniel Sanders 3rd

Daniel Milner 5th

Tom Mason 77th

Special Test 6 JAHODNA – 7.50km

Daniel Milner 3rd

Daniel Sanders 10th

Tom Mason 89th

Special Test Overall Day 5

Daniel Milner 2nd 46:16.37

Daniel Sanders 5th 46:43.78

Tom Mason 87th 50:58.36

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