Perfect final round for Duffy

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AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND, COOLUM. Western Australian Regan Duffy has completed the final round of the Rising Star Rookies in perfect form 11 August 2018. The three round series saw Duffy dropped one race in round two for the Championship win.

After clocking the fastest qualifying time of 1:48.000 Regan Duffy started the day in form. Noah Ferguson and Levi Rogers where the top three qualifiers.

Moto one, Regan Duffy won the seven-lap moto by 14.230, followed by Noah Ferguson (fastest lap of the moto 1:48.843) and Levi Rogers.

Moto two, Regan Duffy won the seven-lap moto by 13.701 and setting the fastest 1:52.980, followed by Noah Ferguson and Levi Rogers.

Overall for the round, Regan Duffy, Noah Ferguson, Levi Rogers.

Overall for the championship, Regan Duffy, Blake Fox and Dante Hyam.

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