Oh no Super Jed

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EUROPE. Australian Jed Beaton has left the MXGP of Great Britain worse for wear after being forced to make an unexpected bike eject.

After qualifying sixth on Saturday (which equals six gate pick for Sunday’s racing), the 9th Round of the MX2 GP at Matterley Basin was going to plan for Tasmanian Jed Beaton.  Finishing eight in the opening moto, Jed was hovering in the top 5 in the second moto when everything didn’t go to plan.

The massive step up had already claimed a flying unmanned Yamaha during the GP, however, when Beaton’s bike cut out on the up-ramp there was nothing much the Aussie could do but bail.

“The heavy crash causes during the second moto sure Jed Beaton temporarily unable to take action. The Australian occupied after eight games a respectable fifth place in the FIM MX2 World Championship. On the track of Matterley Basin was the 20-year-old motocross big crash, while he was seriously injured. His left tibia and fibula are broken, the courts are fractured and several ribs. The Kawasaki rider will undergo surgery today (Monday, June 4th), after which he will travel to the Netherlands as soon as possible to restore it.” Stated F&H Kawasaki.

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