MICHAEL Burns has been appointed Motorcycling Victoria’s 17th president after the MV Board met on Tuesday, July 28.


Michael, who got involved in the sport of motocross through his son over 11-years-ago, said he was very proud and honoured of the appointment and believes the position is a big responsibility.


He has been an official at the Rosebud Motorcycle Club for close to a decade and has been an MV Board member and member on MV’s Operations Sub-Committee since 2014. Michael is looking forward to working with the new MV Board and MV’s CEO Mr Wayne Holdsworth.


“Wayne has been the best asset to Motorcycling Victoria since I’ve been involved in the sport. He’s got a lot of experience in sporting organisations, and would understand what changes are needed to make an organisation run and deliver better outcomes to its members,” Michael said.

“Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes in the MV office during the week so that riders are able to go out and ride their motorbike on the weekend,” Michael added.


He is excited about helping steer MV through an upcoming period of change due to Motorcycling Australia’s Whole of Sport Review. “I guess with the Whole of Sport Review and the recent Board elections at Motorcycling Australia (MA) we’ll see significant changes in the sport in the next two to five years and I honestly believe it’ll all be for the better,” Michael said.


MV Board member Leanne Knowles was elected onto the Motorcycling Australia Board at their AGM on Wednesday, July 29, and has therefore relinquished her position on the MV Board. “We’ve just had our AGM and we have two new Board members in Richard Loft and Clare Nicholson – they’ve been fantastic editions to the Board,” Michael continued.


“Leanne’s addition to the MA Board will be in one sense a bit of a loss to MV, but I’d like to thank the current Board for all their hard work over the last 12 to 18 months. We have a really good make-up of the Board, and with Wayne heading-up the business side of things I think we’re in great shape and have a brilliant group to move forward,” Michael added.

The 2015-16 MV Board is now as follows:

Michael Burns (President)
Gary Timmerman (Vice-President)
Lorraine Macdonald
Andrew Stevens
Darren Sciberras
Richard Loft
Clare Nicholson

MV’s CEO Wayne Holdsworth said: “I’d like to congratulate Michael, our new President, and we are all very much looking forward to working with him to continue the journey that we have started to set the pace and provide value for our members,” Wayne added. “Michael brings a wonderful mix of commercial expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the sport – a great combination,” Wayne said.


“Also a big thank you goes to Gary Timmerman for his almighty commitment recently under very difficult circumstances – thank-you,” Wayne praised.


“And finally, I’d like to congratulate Leanne on her recent appointment to the MA Board. She will make a massive difference to the way in which the sport progresses under the WoSR. Leanne has made a fantastic contribution to MV and we will all miss her significant input,” Wayne added.


About the Author:

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