AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, KERANG. KJ has been a tad elusive this week, being struck down will illness (so happy I didn’t end up in a hospital), anyway, being in pain one of the methods I use is to try and think about something else, my new mixer! Only having the opportunity to use the mixer 1 time at a meeting, I never had the chance to figure it out, so many buttons, ports and knobs. Well after a week of vomiting up perfectly good food due to my inflamed stomach I had the opportunity to think and try and nut out this new awesome piece of electrical machinery. I also figured out how much capability this little Behringer has. With the final round of the MXGP being held in France (tonight Australian time) I thought I’d have a confirmation broadcast putting everything together and using what I have learnt and nutted, take notes before I forget everything.

Looking forward to the 2017 KTM Junior Australian Motocross Championships to be held at the home of the KAJX Podcast, Horsham MCC, at the end of the month.

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