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AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, MELBOURNE. KTM Enduro Racing Team has announced early this morning, that the 2017 Off-Road line up will include Motorcycling Australia’s 2016 Enduro Ambassador, Daniel Milner, who has made the switch from a blue and white machine to an all new 2017 orange and black thumper, with old friend but new team mate, Lyndon Snodgrass helping lead the charge in the wake of Daniel ‘Chucky’ Sanders joining Toby Price in their overseas pursuits.

With the exception of taking time out in mid 2016 recovering from injury, Daniel Milner is back on the attack after the 2016 Yamaha Australian Four Days Enduro and has proven to be a tour de force though out his as yet, short but productive career, winning multiple tittles both domestically and internationally. Milner shared that “It was a bit of a bummer to lose my A4DE title this year and it’s made me hungry to come and win it back next year on the new bike.”

He started “I’m really excited to get the opportunity to ride these bikes. KTM is massive all over the world and last year in America they had a really strong team in the GNCC’s. They have a really strong team at world championship level as well. Eventually I want to get to Europe and race there, and I think with KTM there is a better chance to make that happen.” He explained.

Milner, who is currently testing on both the 2017 KTM 350 and 450 EXC- F’s said; “At the moment I’m switching my training between the 450 EXC-F and the 350 EXC-F, and right now I’m probably leaning towards the 450 for just that little bit more power, but I really enjoy both the bikes.”

KTM General Manager Jeff Leisk, shared his thoughts on acquiring Milner; “I think he has always wanted to come on board with us but the timing has never been quite there. This time around though, the stars have aligned and we have a spot for him and the budget for him. I think he will be very happy on a KTM. I think is really going to enjoy the product and all the support that goes along with it, and I think we can put together a really good environment for him, particularly with Glenn on board.
We don’t know for sure what he will be riding yet, whether it’s a 350, or a 450, or a 500. I suppose that’s the beauty of our brand is that we can confuse the hell out of you, because there are so many different bikes in the range that you can actually win on.” Jeff finished.

KTM Australia Enduro Racing Team’s team manager and recently retired Off- Road champion, Glenn Kearney was excited with the 2017 orange army Off-Road crew, stating “I’m really excited to have the team locked in and all sorted before the new year comes. We are looking to do big things with Daniel and bringing in Lyndon Snodgrass is pretty exciting, to have that younger element in the team that we can try and nurture and mentor him along a little bit. He’s a young guy that’s super keen and prepared to put in the hard yards to make things happen, and he’s got some amazing speed in the muddy conditions and the sand so we’ll be looking to help him improve himself on certain surfaces that he may have lacked in.  But I think it’s a good combination and it should bring a nice dynamic to the team, having that aggressive, win-at-all-costs attitude that Milner brings, and then a young guy that’s keen and eager to learn, it should be a good balance. I’m really excited to work with the both of them.”

Milner claimed the Australian Off-Road Championship outright in 2013, second outright in 2014 and has continued to sizzle on the dirt in Australia and overseas for the past couple of years, impressing spectators and competitors alike. With great anticipation, Daniel Milner returns to compete in the 2017 AORC for the first time since 2014.

With most 2017 Australian and International Off-Road calendar dates just about all locked down, there will be tight battles fought hard over every spare inch of ground. With new line-ups as exciting as this being announced, next year is stacking up to be huge.

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