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Focus on Team Australia with Kendall Jennings

Team Australia continues an incredible run at the 2015 International Six Days of Enudro (ISDE), with one day left of competition and then the motocross final, is it possible for Australia to have a clean sweep in the World, Junior and Women’s trophy? With the way that the team has been riding, it not only seems possible, but highly likely. Team Australia has at 15:34.28 lead over France in the World Trophy. In the Junior Trophy Australia has a 10:55.74 lead over Sweeden while Team USA is third. And in the Womens category, Team Australia has a 39:33.54 lead over France.

Australian Tayla Jones has increased her lead. Jemma Wilson is in second overall, +6:57.28 behing Jons while countrywoman Jessica Gardiner is third, +8:08.68.

American Ryan Sipes won Day 4 ahead of Australian’s Daniel Milner and E3 class leader Daniel Sanders.

Finland’s Eero Remes won the day in E1, 53-seconds ahead of Great Britain’s Jamie McCanney.  Britain’s Jamie McCanney continues to lead E1 overall with a 1:49.84 buffer over Australia’s Josh Green.

Ryan Sipes won the day in the E2 and leads the class by 44-seconds over Daniel Milner. France’s Loic Larrieuis currently third while Matt Phillips is in fourth, +3:54.20 behind class leader Sipes. 

Daniel Sanders won the day in the E3 and extended his lead over France’s Mathias Bellino out to +1:41.30.  Lachlan Stanford is currently sixth in class, +2:25.94 behind Sanders. 

With the eight riders that were disqualified on day three,  still competing, and finishing highly in the special tests, edging out riders who have not deviated from the set course, FIM’s final ruling on the debacle can not come quick enough for the rest of the field.

Special Test 1 GELNICA – 5.50km

American Ryan Sipes Edged out Australia’s Daniel Milner by 6.25. Great Britian’s David Knight after yesterdays controversy and is allowed to compete while the penalties are being debated finished third on 8:16.49.

Jemma Wilson edges out fellow Australian Team mates Tayla Jones by 1.15. And Jessica Gardiner in Third.

Matty Phillips 6th 8:17.33

Lachlan Stanford 15th 8:22.97

Daniel Sanders 19th 8:24.06

Josh Green 20th 8:24.17

Beau Ralston 23rd 8:24.58

Tye Simmonds 26th 8:25.64

Glen Kearny 51st 8:35.50

Tom Mason 64th 8:40.51

Broc Grabham 119th 9:04.70

Special Test 2 KOJSOV – 5.30km

David Knight continued his form 7:48.43, however with an exclusion fromt he even looming over yesterday’s mistake, will his efforts be fruitless? France’s Marc Bourgois is in the same predicament,   the second fastest time 5.87 behind Knight, the two were part of the 8 that missed a time control yesterday, which is an automatic exclusion of the event, a protest of the decision has been lodged, until that is determined the 8 are allowed to continue. Third was American Ryan Sipes.

Tala Jones was back on top, ahead of Australian Team mates Jemma Wilson by 2.63, and Jessicia Gardiner in third.

Matty Phillips 17th 8:06.07

Lachlan Stanford 23rd 8:08.28

Glen Kearny 27th 8:09.62

Josh Green 29th 8:09.95

Tye Simmonds 34th 8:11.84

Daniel Sanders 38th 8:14.28

Beau Ralston 63rd 8:24.77

Tom Mason 82nd 8:30.23

Broc Grabham 102nd 8:39.39

Special Test 3 JAHODNA – 7.50km

Australian Daniel Milner was edged out for the win by 0.26, American Ryan Sipes taking the stage. USAs Taylor Robert was in third.

The Australian Women’s Trifecta continued, Tayla Jones, Jemma Wilson and Jessica Gardiner lead the field.

Daniel Sanders 4th 11:22.44

Lachlan Stanford 19th 11:43.89

Beau Ralston 20th 11:44.50

Josh Green 23rd 11:46.02

Matty Phillips 27th 11:48.44

Tye Simmonds 42nd 12:06.97

Glen Kearny 67th 12:24.04

Broc Grabham 68th 12:24.59

Tom Mason 80th 12:34.45

Special Test 4 GELNICA – 5.50km

Ryan Sipes continued winning the Special Test, Finland’s Eero Remes 1.51 behind him. France’s Louic Larrieu in third.

The Australian Women are definately strong this year, can they get that three in a row World Championships? Tayla Jones lead the way, Jessica Gardiner 15.75 behind, and Jemma Wilson in third.

Daniel Milner 4th 8:04.84

Daniel Sanders 9th 8:08.74

Lachlan Stanford 14th 8:12.74

Beau Ralston 17th 8:13.37

Josh Green 28th 8:16.41

Tye Simmonds 30th 8:16.86

Glen Kearny 39th 8:24.17

Matty Phillips 43rd 8:25.72

Tom Mason 66th 8:35.65

Broc Grabham 82nd 8:41.94

Special Test 5 KOJSOV – 5.30km

Another notch on the winning belt for American Ryan Sipes. Eero Remes from Finland .38 behind him and fellow American Taylor Robert 1.76 behind Remes in Third.

In the Women’s Tayla Jones (9:19.25), Jemma Wilson and Jessica Gardiner.

Matty Phillips 9th 7:45.89

Daniel Sanders 10th 7:46.12

Daniel Milner 13th 7:48.60

Beau Ralston 19th 7:54.81

Josh Green 21st 7:55.44

Lachlan Stanford 23rd 7:55.90

Tye Simmonds 26th 7:57.21

Glen Kearny 33rd 8:03.19

Tom Mason 68th 8:23.37

Broc Grabham 103rd 8:40.85

Special Test 6 JAHODNA – 7.50km

France’s Loic Larrieu was .11 ahead of Australia’s Daniel Sanders. USAs Taylor Robert in third.

Tayla Jones won another special test, with Jemma Wilson .24.24 behind her, completing the Australian Team Jessica Gardiner third.

Overall Day 4

Matty Phillips 12th 56:20.95

Lachlan Stanford 14th 56:31.10

Beau Ralston 15th 56:32.34

Josh Green 20th 56:41.77

Tye Simmonds 22nd 57:01.20

Glen Kearny 40th 57:53.73

Broc Grabham 70th 12:41.78

Tom Mason 73rd 59:57.81

E2 Overall Day Four

Matty Phillips 4th

Tye Simmonds 7th

Beau Ralston 8th

Glen Kearny 19th

Broc Grabham 32nd

E3 Overall Day Four

Lachlan Stanford 6th

Tom Mason 15th

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