MCNEWS: ISDE Day 2: The Australian Trophy Trifecta

///MCNEWS: ISDE Day 2: The Australian Trophy Trifecta

MCNEWS: ISDE Day 2: The Australian Trophy Trifecta

Focus on Team Australia Report – By Kendall Jennings
ISDE Day 2: The Australian Trophy Trifecta

The second day of the International 6 Days of Enduro (ISDE) has been completed in Slovakia. Day 2 was back in the hills, starting from Kosice, heading to Medzev, Kojov and back to Kosice. Two laps were completed with 3 special tests and 4 time checks, with a time limit of 8 hours to complete a gruelling course of 275kms, under clear sunny skies, and temperatures in the low 20s celsius.

In an event where every micro-second counts, a rider is scored on the lowest time to compete the special tests, and how they follow their timing schedule. Arriving too early for a Special Test, results in a penalty. Arriving too late for a Special Test, also results in a penalty. Riders can work the system, via calculating the time penalty and consequences to their overall time, therefore it is possible for a rider to gain an advantage by accepting a time penalty.

American Kailub Russell leads the E1 Class on his KTM on Day 2 of the ISDE with a total of 45:31.33 time. Great Britain’s Jamie McCanney is second on his Husqvarna. Australian Josh Green has his Yamaha in third place 33.99 seconds off Russell and 13.40 off McCanney.

In the E2 Class, Australian Daniel Milner has a competitive time on his Yamaha of 45:09.30. American Ryan Sipes is in second with his Husqvarna 11.98 off the lead, and Australian Matty Phillips has his KTM in third, 32.37 behind Milner and 20:39 off Sipes. Australian Tye Simmonds is in 8th, Beau Ralston 9th, Glenn Kearny 22nd, and Broc Grabham 32nd.

Team Australia’s Daniel Sanders has his KTM in the lead of the E3 with 45:53.90. Portugal’s Luis Correia on Beta has a total time 46:06.14 for second place, and Frenchman Mathias Bellino on his Husqvarna a time 46:08.82 in third. Australia’s Lachlan Stanford is 4th, and Tom Mason 21st.

Australia’s Tayla Jones has her Yamaha in front of the Women’s class with a time of 52:00.65, her team mate Jessica Gardiner has her Sherco in second place 1:48.47 behind Jones. Finland’s Sanna Karkkainen has crept her Yamaha up to third, separating the Australian Team trio, demoting Jemma Wilson on her Yamaha to 4th.

ISDE 2015 - Day Two - Jessica Gardiner

Team Australia leads the World Trophy after the second day of competition, with a combined total of 7:33:52.64. Team USA is in second with a combined total of 7:34:00.88, and Team France in third with a combined total of 7:36:94.

Team Australia also leads the Junior World Trophy after day 2 with a combined total of 4:38:04.84. Sweden is in second place with a combined total of 4:44:09.38, and France is in third with a combined time of 4:47:54.05

Team Australia’s Womens contingent is winning their class also with a combined total of 3:26:46.43. Team France in is second 3:42:06.04, and Team Sweden in third place with a combined total of 3:52:06.04.

In the special tests, USAs Kailub Russell completed the 4.20km Baska Special Test 1 in 7:07.10. .88 seconds behind him was Australian Matty Phillips and Daniel Milner 1 minute 19 seconds behind Phillips.

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