MA Licence Fees for 2017

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AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, MELBOURNE. In line with the Australian insurance industry and Consumer Price Index (CPI(cost of living)) increases since January 2015, Motorcycling Australia will introduce an incremental increase in the licensing fee structure for National licence holders as at January 1st 2017.

The increase will ensure all Motorcycling Australia licence holders have access to comprehensive and up to date insurance cover, a mandatory requirement of the sport and its riders. As a flow on effect, the increase will ensure the longevity of the sport in Australia by bolstering Junior programs, sporting facilities, coaching and training and vast administration requirements. It is worth noting, that MA has put off raising licence prices in line with the CPI for the past two years.

The largest component of the MA license fee goes toward covering your insurance via Motorcycling Australia Insurance Limited (MAIL) MAIL, a wholly owned insurance company that covers you for both Personal Accident and Public & Products Liability Insurance at MA permitted activities and events.

Whilst you probably don’t realise it, your insurance coverage is vital not only to yourself, but to your family. Insurance is often not fully appreciated until it is needed.  Your policy will be triggered for accident, Death and Permanent Disablement, Non-Medicare Medical Expenses, Parents’ Inconvenience Allowance, Emergency Transport Costs (For Officials, Marshalls and Volunteers Only), Student Tutorial Costs, Home Help and Child Minding Benefit, Loss of Income (For Officials, Marshalls & Volunteers Only), Funeral Benefit and Out of Pocket Expenses (For Officials, Marshalls & Volunteers Only)

The remainider of your licence fees are split between both Motorcycling Australia and the State Controlling bodies to provide alignments with relevant Australian Industries, the FIM and and the Australian Government. As well as initiating development of the sport at a State and National level, providing funding towards the training and development of local clubs, coaches, officials and the running of State and National Championship events, in addition to facilitating organisational and individual member administration requirements.

The 2017 Motorcycling Australia licence fee structure is tabulated here.


Total Cost (Inc GST)

$ MA Increase from 2014

Senior National



Junior National



Senior Restricted National



Junior Restricted National









Recreational Licence 1



Recreational Licence 2



Recreational Licence 3



Recreational Licence 4



One Event Competition



One Event Recreational




*Please note that State Controlling Bodies may charge a manual licence processing fee

Don’t forget to always stay up to date with what you are entitled to within your Motorcycling Australia license and the benefits of your insurance, head to the MA website for further information.


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