A work in progress, racemate.org.au is a website creating awareness of Mental Health.

“I was diagnosed with major depression back in 2012.

It is sad that Australian society can acknowledge alcohol/drunkiness, with the ‘it happened when I was drunk har de har ha’ and when someone mentions they have depression people look like you as a homicidal manic chainsaw massacre person because ‘you have mental illness.’

Depression is a lot like type 2 diabetes many people don’t know they have it, and like cancer depression can hit anyone. I sort help, however first I had to realise there was an issue, and it was okay to have an issue and seek help. Help can be anything, a venting, a phone call, someone just to listen.

Depression can be easy to hide when you don’t want anyone to see it, however in your head it is a 24/7 a week battle in your head and anything that looks happy or positive on the outside can be a negative inside and trigger a memory, from anywhere, that will cause a down. And a down is where things can go wrong, everything compiles, and the worst thing someone can say is ‘get over it, harden up princess’ they are common terms, widely used, and can be at a time when some with depression isn’t there strongest.

I am an MX/SX superfan, i can’t ride that great, so i capture riding behind a camera. And when I was really down, the negativity darkness was winning, there was this guy I new at the races, a commentator, who was also the president of a club and a region. The club was preparing for a junior aussies, and as a superfan I was there to congratulate a vic club for getting the Aussies. I am here today, because 1 long time friend, and a guy at the races whom welcomed me, introduced me to his family, his friends and a motorcycle club. Kenny Watts you’re the man!!! I owe you so much. You and the Horsham Motocross Club saved my life.

Motocross or riding with your mate is not just a hobby, and it is not just a way of life either, motorcycle riding and competition is a strong family that spreads all over the world.

RaceMate is a website to make people aware of mental illness, and to share the security and wellbeing that I receive being with friends riding or at a competitive race meeting.”

Kendall Jennings
KAJX Communications

“The word “depressed” is spoken phonetically as “deep rest”. We can view depression not as a mental illness, but on a deeper level, as a profound, and very misunderstood, state of deep rest, entered into when we are completely exhausted by the weight of our own identity. Depression is an unconscious loss of interest in the second-hand, a longing to die to the false. It is so very close to awakening, but unfortunately rarely understood as such. Or as one friend put it, “depression has awakening built-in…” Jeff Forster lifewithoutacentre.com


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About the Author:

Kendall Jennings, KAJX Communications photojournalist since 2002. KAJX: Kendall A. Jennings (Photojournalist), who is a big The X-Files fan (what the X stands for in KAJX) and motorcycling fan. “I am extremely passionate about motorcycles and have been riding a motorcycle since I was 4 years old. I was introduced to the world of motocross racing in 1998 and haven’t looked back. Everyone should experience motorcycling whether it be a rider, passenger, racer, official or spectator. KAJX is all about sharing the motorcycling love. I am honest, opinioned and if I don't know something I will say so and then educate myself to provide an answer. Living is learning. I worked as a Motorcycle Spare Parts Manager for 15 years, I am also a qualified Outdoor Power Equipment Mechanic.” Kendall Jennings.
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