Important Trial rule changes for 2017

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AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, MELBOURNE. With a view to grow and develop the unique sport of moto trial in Australia the Trial Commission, Clubs, Motorcycling Australia and the trial community have collaborated in positive consultation through 2016 resulting in rule amendments for the discipline in 2017.

In order to attract new riders to championship meetings as well as encouraging existing riders to participate in Australian championship events by being as inclusive as possible, whilst maintaining championship category integrity, the former MoMS (Manual of Motorcycle Sport) rule pertaining to non-championship classes has been removed, allowing promoters and host clubs to offer a variety of competitive or non-competitive classes.

As at January 2017, changes have been made to Australian Trial Championship categories (as out-lined under GCR 20.1 of the 2017 MoMS), with Veterans reverting to one championship class for riders over 40 years and Air Cooled Mono & Masters classes no longer classified as Australian Championship categories. These two non-championship classes will remain classes for trial competition (refer GCR 20.4), and may be run as non-championship classes at the Australian Trial Championships.

Trial (2017 MoMS GCR mandates that riders must attempt sections in sequential order. The purpose of this rule is to allow for greater competitor access during events. Riders completing a section in sequence allows spectators and media to follow riders on the course and reduces instances of two-way traffic on the lap, further improving safety. The penalty for missing a section is 5 points per section as per rule

Riders in different categories/classes can be instructed to start the first lap at various sections around the loop to ensure the entire field does not start at the same section. MoMS rule changes also allow for younger riders requiring the support and assistance of an experienced adult rider during the trial are allowed to start the trial at the same section.

The overarching objective is for the Australian Championship status to be retained for classes in which there is regular competition through-out the year. Motorcycling Australia, the Trial Commission, trial clubs and MA members have made these amendments to improve the level of Trial in Australia, to foster rider improvement, maintain the integrity of Australian Championship categories, and to provide opportunities for the growth of trial into the future.

For further information on Moto trial or the 2017 MoMS, please click here.
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