AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA. 2017 Over 40s Third Place James Graham has won the inaugural Victorian Motocross Over 50s Championship. Originally scheduled for two rounds, the Over 50s Championship has results for four rounds, with the final round held at Colac (Round 2 Reschedule) on Saturday 28th July 2018.

James Graham dominated the series winning ten races out of twelve. Racers to defeat Graham was Gaven Pengelly and Alistair Maxwell at the originally scheduled final round held at Albury-Wodonga last month. James Graham won all races at Colac on Saturday.

Race 1: James Graham, Paul Adams, Gavan Pengelly.
Race 2: James Graham, Gavan Pengelly, Paul Adams.
Race 3: James Graham, Gavan Pengelly, Paul Adams.

Colac Overall

Series Overall