Geelong motocross groups losing members amid delays to find McAdam Park replacement

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AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA, GEELONG. Barrabool, man it was awesome, captured some great images there and had the chance to ride the facility before it was closed at a Western Region. It was an awesome experience to be rounded up by Troy Dorron, KJ had never raced, ummhum rode, with such a calibre of rider before and it was such a privilege. Would have loved to have ridden on the horsepower hill section where KJ once saw Micheal Bryne’s XR650 flat stick with roost flying everywhere, and envisioning Brett Metcalfe jumping over B&B Offroad Bridge, and, yes another and, a guy decided to run naked from Monza Imports VIP all the way across the track, which is a really long way in a gully of rolling hills, grabbing his manhood and waving it to the races. KJ is not quite sure what is worse, the guy running across the track or him being escorted back through the crowd with a police officer’s hat covering his downstairs male hood member to get his clothes, the police officers were not impressed and the crowd didn’t care. Looking across the track from the Monza VIP to see a perfect Yamaha logo mowed out in the neighbouring paddock. The good old days before the fun police came and took it all away. The money to the Geelong region the facility pulled. And poor Geelong MCC who have been screwed over twice by the fun police, firstly by losing their home at Breakwater for highway expansion/bypass, then losing Barrabool. KJ is surprised that the heritage card wasn’t played with Barrabool, yeah it would have limited the amount of events that could have been run there, but at least we would still have access, like Ravenswood.

The HERALD-SUN REPORTS:  MOTOCROSS groups are no closer to finding a new home after a fruitless year-long search throughout the Geelong region.

A G21-led hunt for suitable land assessed scores of potential sites but found that the cost of building a new motocross complex far exceeded the committed funding for the project.

The findings from the study, which have been delayed several months, have frustrated motorcycle groups who have seen numbers dwindle without a dedicated local base.

The City of Greater Geelong administrators declared on Tuesday night that the search should be expanded, calling for the State Government to lead a working party with interested neighbours.

The possibility of a joint regional complex is set to be explored, with both Ballarat and Wyndham councils also exploring options for motocross facilities.

The need for a new site in the Geelong region arose when Motorcycling Australia shut long-term venue McAdam Park in December 2015, following a bitter four-year fight with nearby residents.

The closure of McAdam Park saw the Sporting Motor Cycle Club lose its base of more than 50 years and also left the Geelong Motocross Club without a home track.

Geelong Motocross Club president Frank Cambria said the drawn-out process was frustrating riders who were stuck without a local venue or social rooms.

“It has been dragging along way too slowly. To not be even closer (to finding a new venue) … is very, very frustrating.”

The track that traversed the rolling Barrabool hills has since been bulldozed, with the 120 hectares of land sold in two parcels to local buyers who intend to build homes.

Tony Young, from Newtown-based agency Whitford, said the motocross track was restricted to one lot.

“They did a marvellous job on rehabilitating the site. You wouldn’t even know the track was there, they (Motorcycling Australia) did a beautiful job.”

The G21 Motocross Land Suitability Assessment identified 24 potential sites, with six of those being short-listed for further investigation.

Two privately-owned properties, located with the preferred 30-minute drive from Geelong’s CBD, range in value from $800,000 to $2.5 million.

Possible funding from different sources totals $1.328 million, with the majority emanating from the Geelong council ($638,000) and Sport and Recreation Victoria ($500,000).

However, consultants Rider Levett Bucknall put the cost of building a regional level complex somewhere between $9 million and $11 million.

“The available funds would not be sufficient to purchase both land and develop a regional motocross facility,” a report by council’s community life general manager Linda Quinn said.


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