Fox Becomes First Female President of MQ

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AUSTRALIA, QUEENSLAND. Motorcycling Queensland would like to announce the election of Lisa Fox as its new President. A former motorcycle racer and official, Fox is a mother-of-four from Beaudesert who works two part-time jobs and studies a dual degree in Justice and Psychology.

She’s also the first-ever female MQ president.

Fox takes over the reins from respected Lawyer Jim Feehely, who resigned last month after almost eight years of service as a board member, and more than three years as President of MQ.

Fox began her journey into motorcycle sport around 2001, when she and husband Brian brought their eldest boys a PeeWee 50 and started them into riding and racing.

In 2008, Lisa and Brian joined the two local vintage motocross clubs and started racing, and a year later, Lisa became secretary of the Queensland Vintage Motocross Club until 2015 and was President of Brisbane Motorcycle Club in 2013.

“In this time, I was racing vintage motocross solos and sidecars,” says Lisa, “and I also undertook training courses presented by Motorcycling Queensland so I could assist our clubs by becoming an official.”

Fox has done the hard yards in motorcycle sports governance, turning her hand to a variety of roles at racetracks around the state, such as Clerk of Course, Steward, Sound Control Officer, Scrutineer and Race Secretary.

In 2015 she was offered the opportunity to become part of the MQ Board and even served the national governing body, Motorcycling Australia, as part of its nominations committee for MA Board positions.

So, what prompted Lisa to take on the responsibility of the Presidency?

“For me, it was the challenge and the learning experience I guess. I have had the opportunity to learn so much while being a part of this hard-working team of board members and office staff, and I hold the same passion for both the sport of motorcycling and the governance of our sport.”

“It’s a great honour to be the President of the MQ board, and an even greater privilege to me personally to be the first woman to take on this role.  However, I’m mindful that I’m only one of the members on this board and it is only as a team and through careful discussion and deliberation that decisions are made.”

Fox’s position is unique in that she is the first female president of the State Controlling Body, but it’s a situation she considers consistent with the values of the organisation she now leads.

“We have a very inclusive sport, one that is doing a lot to support and encourage more women to participate through coaching sessions, garage nights and the like. There are women’s classes at club and title level, and women participating in the running of our clubs and within committees and official’s roles.”

As for her own motorcycling? “Since I sold my Harley, I enjoy pottering around the enduro tracks with family and friends at the Toowoomba Motorcycle Club at Murphy’s Creek.”

One thing’s for sure though, for the near future, Fox’s life in motorcycling is only going to get busier.

Pics: Experienced official, competitor and board member Lisa Fox (white helmet, black peak) has been elected MQ President.

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