Fogarty 4th

In the MiniLites 14 to under 16 years, Morgan Fogarty led the Victoiran charge placing 4th in the first final of the 2015 KTM Junior Australian Motocross Championships in Western Australia this week. Fellow Victorians Tomas Bell finished 6th, Patrick Ceh 9th, Danielle Foot 11th and Kyle Chandler 19th.

MiniLites 14U16
38 Morgan Fogarty 4th
31 Tomas Bell 6th
3 Patrick Ceh 9th
35 Danielle Foot 11th
360 Kyle Chandler 19th

MiniLites 12U14
32 Liam Andrews 21st

MiniLites 9U12
Heat 1
31 Tran Tomich 3rd
33 Kipp Adams 6th

Heat 2
374 Luke Bell 13th
3 Harrison Hubber 16th

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