Finals kick off at the 2015 KTM AJMX – Race report two

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As the day went on in Bunbury for 2015 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships, the Shrubland Park circuit got deeper, rougher and more and more technical with Australia’s junior stars taking to the conditions like pro’s.


With the depth of talent stretching out across all classes, racing was action packed in the day’s second half of finals, which took place straight after lunch.


As racing progressed, new stars emerged, in only the first day of finals for the weeklong AJMX event, so we recapped on as many of the hits and misses that we could possibly squeeze in.


65cc Solo 11 years


When gates dropped it was KTM’s Benny Novak that proved that his starting ability is a force to be reckoned with – taking the holeshot and moving in to the race lead ahead of Cody Chittick in second and Jett Lawrence in third.


It wasn’t long however before Lawrence once again showed his undeniable form, moving in to the race lead ahead of Chittick who looked determined not to let Lawrence out of his sights.


And for the remainder of the moto it was the battle for the lead between Lawrence and Chittick that had spectators eyes glued to the track. As the last lap board came out, Chittick made the pass on Lawrence – the pair chopping and changing positions a handful of times, with Lawrence eventually crossing the line with the race win, ahead of Chittick in second and Tyran Tomich in third.


100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 15 years


As the big boys headed to the start line for the first race of their 2015 KTM AJMX campaign, a star studded lineup of  27 riders headed in to the first turn, with KTM’s Cooper Pozniak taking the early race lead.


However much like his brother, Hunter Lawrence (YJRT) also put the foot down quickly, and took control of the moto after only one lap.


With Lawrence out in front and stretching out his lead, Pozniak, Yamaha’s Wyatt Chase and Kade Kirkland (KTM) commenced their battle for the remaining podium positions.


When the chequered flag flew it was Lawrence who took an outstanding 18 second win ahead of Chase and Kirkland who wrapped up the first 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 15 years class final in second and third places respectively


128cc – 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke 13-u15 years


With the 128cc – 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke 13-u15 years class marking today reaching it’s final stages, the big guns headed out for their first finals race, with the roar of engines bringing Shrubland Park to life.


Despite Trent Collins holding the race lead for a period of time, a three-way battle with Caleb Grothues, Callum Norton and Collins quickly emerged, keeping fans on the edge of their seats.


After only a couple of laps it was Norton who moved in to the race lead, while Grothues put the pass on Collins, and moved in to second. However Grothues in traditional style would not settle there – with four minutes of racing remaining, Grothues blew past Norton, snatching up the opportunity for the race lead.


However disaster struck Grothues just moments before the last lap, having a huge crash forcing him to DNF, Norton was able to take advantage of Grothues misfortune and take the race win, ahead of Michael Driscoll in second and Mason Semmens in third.


65cc Solo 9-u11 years


As proceedings at the Shrubland Park circuit reached it’s final stages, the smaller bikes had a tough task ahead of them, tackling what had formed up to be one seriously rough track.


When racing got underway for the 65cc Solo 9-u11 years class, Noah Smerdon got to the early race lead ahead of Deegan Mancinelli and Liam Atkinson.


However Mancinelli had his work cut out for him, as he began to come under fire from a hard charging Atkinson, who’s lap times proved he was on a mission to the race lead. With only a few laps remaining, Atkinson blew past Mancinelli, moved in to second and began to hunt down Smerdon.


When the ten-minute session wrapped up, Smerdon had done just enough to take the race win, ahead of Atkinson in second and Mancinelli in third.


85cc 2-stroke/150cc 4-stroke all wheel Girls 12-u16 years


With the girls lining up for their final moto for the day, all eyes focused in on Danielle Foot who looked to redeem herself, after a tough start earlier in the day.


And redeem herself she did. After launching off the start gate Foot took a commanding race lead and began to separate herself from her talented competition, with Tahlia O’Hare and Tanesha Rose Harnett following in second and third behind her.


Despite a late charge from O’Hare, Foot took the chequered flag with reason to celebrate – keeping the pressure at bay, Foot took the win, ahead of O’Hare and Harnett who concluded the ten-minute moto in second and third places respectively.


128cc – 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke 15 years


With the big boys marking the final race of the day, spectators hung around to witness if anyone had what it takes to deny Hunter Lawrence yet another race win.


When gates dropped for the final time today, it was KTM mounted Cooper Pozniak who once again lunched down the start straight and through turn one first. With all eyes searching for the Yamaha machine of Lawrence, crowds were surprised to see him back in tenth position after one lap.


With Lawrence out of race lead contention for the time being, Wade Kirkland made his way past Wilson Medcalf and Pozniak to take over the number one spot. However with lightening fast speed, and determination not to give up, the focus shifted to Lawrence once again, who made up seven positions in just one lap, to move into third place.


As the final moto progressed, Lawrence made his way into second, and began eyeing off the rear wheel of Kirkland’s KTM machine. And with two minutes up his sleeve, Lawrence passed Kirkland down the straight, relegating Kirkland to second, while Justin Hart found his way in to third.


When the chequered flag came out for the final time today, Yamaha Junior Racing Team’s Lawrence put on one of the biggest charges of the day, wrapping up the first final for the 128cc – 150cc 2-stroke & 200cc – 250cc 4-stroke 15 years victorious, ahead of Kirkland in second, while Hart finished in third.


For a complete and more detailed list of results from the first day of finals at the KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship in Bunbury today, head to

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