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EUROPE. The 2018 EnduroGP season has already reached its halfway point following the Maxxis Grand Prix of Estonia… and on the occasion of this very first Grand Prix in Tallinn, the 94 entrants were faced with a very traditional X-Rocks Enduro Test in the forests surrounding the Estonian capital. On this especially beautiful special test, running through the trees, it was Brad FREEMAN (GB – Beta), Alex SALVINI (I – Husqvarna) and Steve HOLCOMBE (GB – Beta) who were at the top of their game.
Full of confidence after his impressive Iberian tour, Brad FREEMAN was the most dominant rider (1/2). The Beta Boano man also made great progress in the overall classification of the “Brave One” Trophy, moving back into 4th position…
But the big winner of the Enduro Test in this Maxxis GP of Estonia is the current holder of the Mika Ahola belt, Steve HOLCOMBE. After a very solid weekend (4/1), combined with the misfortunes of Jamie MCCANNEY (GB – Yamaha) who could only manage 5th and 8th, the factory Beta rider takes over the lead in front of Alex SALVINI (2/3), who was also very consistent and who also benefited from the disappointments of the Manxman.
On their side, French riders Loïc LARRIEU (Yamaha – 7/4) and Christophe NAMBOTIN (Gas Gas – 24/5) had mixed fortunes but managed to retain their place in the Top 6. We must also give a mention to the excellent performances of the Juniors Matteo CAVALLO (I – Beta), 9th and 6th, and Théo ESPINASSE (F – Sherco), 8th and 12th.
With this traditional and technical X-Rocks Enduro Test some riders have put themselves back at the forefront, while others lost big points in the race for the Mika Ahola “Brave One” Trophy. Steve HOLCOMBE is in the lead, but he is only 4 points ahead of his ex-teammate Alex SALVINI and 14 ahead of MCCANNEY, while FREEMAN, NAMBOTINand LARRIEU remain in ambush and still have the means to catch up…
The next Grand Prix of Trentino, in Pietramurata on June 30th, should be worth a look with a very stony test on a mountainside…
Provisional Classification: 1. Steve HOLCOMBE 93pts ; 2. Alex SALVINI 90pts ; 3. Jamie MCCANNEY 80pts ; 4. Brad FREEMAN 69pts ; 5. Loïc LARRIEU 65pts; 6. Christophe NAMBOTIN 64pts; 7. Eero REMES 54pts; 8. Christophe CHARLIER 41pts; 9. Danny MCCANNEY 39pts; 10. Matteo CAVALLO 35pts…

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