Dyce explains injury

The 2015 KTM Australian Motocross Championships has had its ups and downs for competitors; However it was Victoria’s Cody Dyce put onto the sidelines days before the start of the event.

“I went practicing last week during the week and then last Friday I went to a track just local to here, and I went in to one of the corners and just G’d out in a bump and my foot twisted sideways. I thought I sprained my ankle, but I tried racing here at the juniors on Sunday and the pain was pretty excruciating, so I went and got an x-ray on Sunday night and realised I’d broken the bottom of tibia,” Cody Dyce said.


“I couldn’t jump any of the jumps when I tried racing, and I couldn’t stand up or anything so I tried pushing through it, but my team manager Cam Taylor told me to get an x-ray and yeah, here we are.


“I’ve been helping out my little brother and the rest of the Yamaha Junior Racing Team so it’s been awesome just hanging out with every and giving everyone as much help as I can.


“Next year I’m pretty sure I’ll be on Yamaha, so I’ll try and come back and be as good as new. It’s my last year of Juniors so I’ll see how it goes and fingers crossed in 2016 I go good.

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