Dyce Clenches Victorian MX2 Championship

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AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA. Western Victoria’s Colac Motorcycle Club has completed day one of the rescheduled 2018 Victorian Motocross Championships 28th July 2018. Originally slated for the second round of the series, the venue was ‘washed out’ and the Motocross Management was forced to use the series spare date making it the final round of the 2018 series. Saturday’s racing schedule included MX2 classes and Over 30s and Over 40s Championships.

Heading into the final round Davey Motorsports KTM Mogan Fogarty was the series leader, and most dominant throughout the series, however, an injury has sidelined the Victorian. With a number of series riders missing from the final round, Empire Motorsports Yamaha Cody Dyce has finished in full song going undefeated in the Colac sand. In fact, the podium three where consistent all day with Sam Pelz finishing second and Mackenzie O’Bree third a feat that would cement the 2018 MX2 Victorian Motocross Championship Podium.

Race 1, the results do not display lap times. Cody Dyce 1st, Sam Pelz 2nd, Mackenzie O’Bree 3rd. Former Australian and Victorian Women’s Champion Maddy Brown finished 9th.

Race 2, Cody Dyce completed 11 laps around the Colac sand for the race win by 35.608 seconds, with Sam Pelz in second place setting the fastest lap of the moto on lap 3 (1:54.782). Mackenzie O’Bree 3rd. Former Australian and Victorian Women’s Champion Maddy Brown finished 9th.

Race 3, Cody Dyce completed 11 laps, set the fastest lap time on lap 3 (1:54.000) for the moto win with a lead of 37.984. Sam Pelz was second and Mackenzie O’Bree third 9th. Former Australian and Victorian Women’s Champion Maddy Brown finished 8th.

Cody Dyce currently sits in tenth place in the MX2 Australian Championships which has two rounds remaining.

Colac Top 10 Overall

Series Top 10 Overall

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