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The MX Amateurs is set to create a whole new direction in motocross in Australia. For the first time ever in Australia, we see the introduction of the Horsham MCC’s MXJunior Precursor, an event designed to mirror the classes and race format of a World Junior motocross title event, Solely for Australian riders.

Saturday’s program with have Junior racing plus practice and Qualifying under FIM standards with the top 40 riders in each class progressing into Sunday’s program. The riders unlucky to qualify don’t miss out they get to merge into the junior open event and get to race Saturday along with Saturdays feature the Bronte Holland Memorial 125cc Cup.

Bronte (a Horsham MCC member) was one of Australia’s best juniors and predominantly made his mark on a 125, hence the running of the second annual Bronte Holland Memorial 125cc Cup. Where senior riders race 3 x 17-minute moto’s on 125’s of all ages with respect to the late Bronte who made number 17 his.

Sunday will see the MX Junior Precursor finals become the feature of the MX Amateurs which was originally created to give riders an event similar to an MX National minus having the pros. So any rider who hasn’t finished in the top ten at an MX National can ride in the MX1 and MX2 classes, which also has MXA Clubman All Powers, Vets and Women support classes. A huge weekend of racing is promised.

The event sounds pretty cool, right? Maybe the date doesn’t suit all people for one reason or another, just like any event in the world. However, it allows an athlete to choose which event they would like to enter. However, not everyone is pleased with the date, especially Motorcycling NSW.

KJ hates social media, mainly because she can’t find things again after she has seen them, plus the adverts suck, there are too many fake accounts, Facebook can ban people for their opinion which is anti-social to KJ, Facebook algorithm (the code) only enhances when you shell out some coin, Facebook is a monopoly, and don’t get KJ started on the news timeline feed… Everyone is allowed to voice their opinion; if you don’t like it, you have two options, relay constructive criticism or keep scrolling, this blocking, reporting, stalking because of a persons opinion is wrong, on many ethical and moral levels.

Motorcycling NSW Facebook page had this to say:

Motorcycling NSW has changed the format of their State Motocross Championships for 2018, the model is similar to how the United States run their Loretta Lynns’ Amateur Motocross Championships. KJ is interested in how the model will work on Australian soil, as KJ believes that a qualifying model should be imposed on State and National Motocross Championships. The King of MX rewards athletes efforts with a Golden Ticket (top 6) into the State Champs Finale.

Now for thous who do not know or know of Rosco Holden, for one his a motorcycling legend, loves the sport, supports the kids and their dreams, as well as providing support for when bad things happen. All his efforts are to make the sport better and provide support for athletes, for him to be blocked from a page for expressing an opinion makes KJ wonder how many other people have been blocked and that Motorcycling NSW doesn’t want support from someone who has been around the sport for years and wants to be a dictator as Motorcycling NSW will not allow individuals to express an opinion and correct a mistake.

The following is from Holden on Tight, Rosco Holden explaining what occurred.

“Hi Motorcycling NSW Ltd It’s amazing what’s in a word Precursor and its shame to see so many comments from this thread deleted, no matter what everyone has right to voice their thoughts right or wrong I believe!

Holden On Tight !

After Sharing Motorcycling Victoria Press Release approx. 3 pm below is my comments now deleted.

Wishing every family that can make Horsham Australia World MX Juniors and all pre-qualifiers and any chance to race on the Track that will host the WJMXC in 2018 is a Bonus.

I understand kind of where you were coming from but there is room for everyone and those families that want to undertake the most likely once in a Lifetime Chance to race a Horsham Australia World Mx Juniors Championship we should all get on board and support.

With the event so close Don’t You think and leave State Politics and Views aside this is our chance for our Aussie kids to Shine on the World Home Stage!

Anyway, from Holden On Tight wishing all Juniors and Seniors in any State a Cracker, Safe, 2018.

Horsham Motorcycle Club, as they have absolutely nothing to do with deciding who gets picked.”

At the end of the day, no one should discourage motorcycle competition, especially a State Controlling Body, sure States want their Championships to be attended, however that is still not a strong enough reason to provide false details to competitors to do so, athletes need to make their own choices towards their own racing progression, not hindered by miss-information from a Controlling Body that should be trusted.

In the terms used by Derryn Hinch, Shame Motorcycling NSW, Shame, Shame, Shame!

KJ has become a keyboard warrior.

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