Duffy and Grothues take qualifying race spoils

///Duffy and Grothues take qualifying race spoils

Duffy and Grothues take qualifying race spoils

Qualifying races at the 2015 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championship have been run and won in ideal conditions in Bunbury today, with KTM’s Regan Duffy and Caleb Grothues collecting the first race win’s of this year’s AJMX.


With the 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13–u15 years class providing two qualifying heats today, it was an eventful morning at the Shrubland Park circuit, where top riders celebrated, and collected valuable championship points.  


In heat one of the 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class, it was hard charging KTM mounted Regan Duffy who took the opening race holeshot, before coming under fire from Husqvarna’s Riley Dukes.


However Dukes’ battle with Duffy was somewhat short lived. Despite appearing determined to move in to the race lead, Dukes’ went down, seeing him relegated to mid-pack, and allowing Duffy to take a commanding race lead.


With Duffy out in front with a comfortable gap on the field, and with Mitchell Outram holding second position, the attention shifted to the battle for third.


And battle they did. KTM’s Rhys Budd, Bunbury local Kurt Oinn, and Dukes treated onlookers as they went head to head, with Dukes’ eventually making a remarkable comeback to slot into third.


When the chequered flag flew, it was a fist pumping Duffy who crossed the line victorious, while KTM mounted Outram concluded the opening qualifying race in second, and Dukes in third.


Regan Duffy – 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class heat one winner:


“It felt great to get a start like I did – I don’t usually get starts like that,” he said.


“I was so happy to get the race win, I only started riding the 125 a couple of months ago, so I’m pretty pumped.


“I’m just going to try and stay calm, keep my head, choose good lines and don’t go out of control this week.”


In heat two, the excitement could be felt as another moto looked to go down to the wire.


When gates dropped, the heat two holeshot went to the 121 machine of Liam Walsh from the Northern Territory, before riders began to settle in to their ten-minute moto positions.


After only one lap, Western Australian local Caleb Grothues began to find his flow, and kick started his charge to the front of the pack – and by lap two Grothues was able to execute a pass on Thomas Bell and move in to second position.


However Grothues would not settle there – the KTM mounted youngster then went on to move in to the race lead, one that he would not relinquish.


When the ten-lap race concluded Grothues crossed the line as the 100cc to 12cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class heat two winner, ahead of Callum Norton who took second, and Mat Fabry who collected third.


Caleb Grothues – 100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class heat two winner:


“I feel really good after this morning, I got a good start and everything just fell into place,” he said.


“It’s really important to get a good gate pick. There’s usually about three or four good gates, so to get the win this morning helps a lot.


“The track is good and I’m really enjoying it out there. I like it rough and rutty and I love Bunbury.


“I’ve got a lot of family and friends here supporting me so that gives me a little bit of extra confidence this week that’s for sure.”


100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class heat one results and points:


  1. Regan Duffy – 35 points
  2. Mitchell Outram – 32 points
  3. Riley Dukes – 30 points
  4. Rhys Budd – 28 points
  5. Kurt Oinn – 26 points
  6. Mason Semmens– 25 points
  7. Jake Williams – 24 points
  8. Mason Rowe – 23 points
  9. Austin Ridley – 22 points
  10.  Dylan Marchand – 21 points
  11.  Riley Stephens– 20 points
  12.  Sam Baxter – 19 points
  13.  Kyal Jackson-Gillespie – 18 points
  14.  Brady Gilmore – 17 points
  15.  Matthew Marson – 16 points
  16.  Seth Patience – 15 points
  17.  Luke Porter – 14 points
  18.  Jaxson Murphy – 13 points
  19.  Thomas Larwood – 12 points
  20.  Jack Court – 11 points
  21.  Lewis Moloney – 10 points
  22.  Jeffrey Head – 9 points
  23.  Ben Sainsbury – 8 points
  24.  Kristian Hyde – 8 points
  25.  Thomas May – 7 points
  26.  Ryan Bradshaw – 5 points
  27.  Corey Johnston – 4 points


100cc to 125cc 2-stroke 13-u15 years class heat two results and points:


  1. Caleb Grothues – 35 points
  2. Callum Norton – 32 points
  3. Mat Fabry – 30 points
  4. Liam Walsh – 28 points
  5. Bailey Malkiewicz – 26 points
  6. Kai Stephen– 25 points
  7. Thomas Bell – 24 points
  8. Navrin Grothues – 23 points
  9. Jacob Daniels– 22 points
  10.  Jye Dickson – 21 points
  11.  Corben Weinert– 20 points
  12.  Joshua Whitehead – 19 points
  13.  Bradley Cain – 18 points
  14.  Travis Lee Edwards – 17 points
  15.  Royce Anell – 16 points
  16.  Korey McMahon – 15 points
  17.  Steven Fairham – 14 points
  18.  Connor Pearce – 13 points
  19.  Jacob Whatley – 12 points
  20.  Bradley Woodhead – 11 points
  21.  Seth Watson – 10 points


For more information on the 2015 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships, head to www.ajmxbunbury2015.com.au or stay tuned to the Motorcycling Australia website.

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