MT MORIAC motocross star Danielle Foot finished in a remarkable third overall in the Women’s (14+) class at the 2015 Amateur National Motocross Championship in Tennessee, United States, on Friday, July 31.

The 2014 Victorian Girls motocross champion achieved a 4th-5th-3rd result in her three races to secure third-place overall at the Loretta Lynns Ranch, just outside of Memphis, during the week-long event.

Danielle, 15, was overjoyed by the result: “It’s a whole different level over here. The racing is completely different to that in Australia, and we even found out on the last day that the points system was different. It was good though, it was very fun,” Danielle said.

“I finished third overall in the Women’s (14+) class. I had consistent lap-times throughout my races.

“In the last race, I pushed hard to finish third. To get a third overall I had to push hard to beat this one girl (Annie Wernig from Maryland, USA), and I had to end the competition on a high. I was pretty happy finishing on the podium, it just felt really cool,” Danielle added.

Danielle also finished in a very-respectable 6th-place overall, achieving results of 8th-4th-6th in the Girls Sr (12-16) class.

Danielle said the heat in the US was a different kind of challenge. “I heard about the heat over there but as soon as I experienced it for myself I was like ‘Wow, this is going to be a challenge’,” she said.

“Mackenzie Tricker told me I needed to go over there and acclimatise a week early, so we did and it was worth it because by mid-week I got used to it,” Danielle, who had to hastily buy a completely new racing uniform to cope with the conditions, added.

She plans on heading back to compete in the Loretta Lynns next year. “With the results I achieved this year we’ll hopefully come back and try it again and try to get on the top podium.

“I learnt a lot, and I’ll take what I’ve learnt and go further and hopefully show them what I’ve got,” she continued.

“They all say that the first year is the hardest, but getting onto the podium in my first year is amazing,” she added.

Danielle would like to thank her sponsors who have helped her get to America: the team at Mototech, Timothy Fisher, Jason Childs of JC Suspension, Jades Oates of OatesMX, and Johnny Bourke at Main Event Fitness.

“I’d also like to thank my family and my Mum and Dad for getting me over here and letting me live my dream,” Danielle praised.

Danielle will return home this week and focus her efforts on the upcoming 2015 KTM Australian Junior Motocross Championships in Bunbury, Western Australia from September 23 – October 3.

“Hopefully, I come back to Australia and dominate both classes (85cc Girls & 125cc/150cc). I have definitely picked up some speed and aggression from racing in the US so hopefully I can take that back and finish my year on another high,” Danielle added.


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