Cody Dyce racing at Cobram in June at the 2015 Victorian Junior Motocross Championships (Image Credit: JOHN SMITH).

Cody Dyce racing at Cobram in June at the 2015 Victorian Junior Motocross Championships (Image Credit: JOHN SMITH).

TINAMBA motocross star Cody Dyce is ready to take on the penultimate final round of the state’s premier motocross competition for juniors at full-throttle when the Blue Rock Motorcycle Club hosts the Victorian Senior Motocross Championships at Newborough this weekend, August 1-2.

Cody, 14, currently leads the 250cc A Grade Open by 14-points and the 125cc A Grade Open by 15-points. Cody is just now one round away from winning two titles.

“I’m feeling pretty good. I’m hoping to do well at the next round and just try to continue doing my best,” Cody said. “The track is pretty good at Blue Rock. It’s pretty grippy in some spots,” he added.

Cody believes that the time and effort that he and his family have invested in the season has made all the difference this year. “I couldn’t have done it without my family’s support.

“I’ve also tried to put in as many hours as I can on and off the bike during the week as well as doing schoolwork,” Cody, who would like to become a professional rider one day, added.


“I’d definitely like to turn it into a career in the future that’s for sure,” Cody, who has one more year in the VJMXC before he can turn senior, said.

Cody won the 125cc A Grade Open title at last year’s competition and finished second in the 250cc A Grade Open class. He says the two classes are different and couldn’t pick a favourite one.


“With the 125cc class you can really throw around but with the 250cc class you have to be perfect with whatever you do,” Cody said.


Cody also won the 125cc two-stroke (13 to 15-year-old) class at the 2014 Australian Junior Motocross Championships and plans to compete in this year’s competition in Bunbury, Western Australia beginning in September. 

He would like to thank Yamaha Australia, Ray Howard, Cameron Taylor, Stephen Powell of SPMX, Mick Sinclair, DT1 Air Filters, Arcade Chains, Fox, Shift, the Collective Family, Matrix, Bridgestone and everyone else involved with the Yamaha Junior Racing Team.


Cody’s ultimate goal is to be on top of the podium in both classes at the weekend: “A top-podium finish is my goal,” Cody added.

The final round of the Victorian Junior Motocross Championships takes place at Blue Rock Motorcycle Club at Coach Road, Newborough on August 1-2. Racing starts at 9am on both days. Visit: www.motorcyclingvic.com.au for more information.

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