AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA. Broadford Road Racing Circuit has received a Victorian Government Package to Reface the Road Circuit, it is a ‘yay’ moment, right? However, it is difficult to stomach when the Motocross Circuit is in complete disarray. If the motocross track was to be inspected under FIM regulations (the complex held the 500’s back in the early 2000s, today is known as the MXGP) the track, it would not pass in its current condition without some much-needed track love (track work).

In a perfect world, the Broadford MX Circuit should be used for final rounds of the State Motocross Title, hey would have been awesome for KJ on the weekend picking the parental unit up from the airport (would have been able to broad the commentary, pick up the parents and see some racing). However, it is doubtful that a State MX Title will be held at the complex in the near future. Main issues are track drainage, fencing to close to the track, the underpass/tunnels (as existing structures they pass, if a new track was built they wouldn’t ), amenity issues, and there is the condition of the track, where all the topsoil ends up down the bottom of the hill with rainfall, and if a road race event is on, a ride day or a competitive event the dust from the motocross track causes issues over the hill and the road racing officials definitely communicate with the motocross officials on that.

Broadford MX events were run by the Whittlesea and District Motorcycle Club at one stage. Initially, Whittlesea shared the Seymour Motocross Complex when running events, then the waters became choppy, and the clubs split, Seymour stayed where it was on Telegraph Road, Seymour, while Whittlesea moved to Broadford. On the outside looking in everything was going well for Broadford, sure like any club facilities needed a little love and care, however, it all came apart with Whittlesea being charged too massive amounts to hire the circuit even though volunteers prepped the track, eventually making the Whittlesea and District Motorcycle Club go backwards financially and reduced membership numbers running events didn’t make things helpful. Bearing in mind at this time, a few of the Whittlesea and District Motorcycle Club members also ran the State Motocross Championships in booming numbers seeing heats for many classes both senior and junior.

Ideally, a motocross club needs to look after the motocross track at Broadford, after the track has a complete makeover to return to its pristine form. Seymour Motorcycle Club is running an open practice/come and try day 1st July 2018. Hopefully, the club gets some support both from Volunteers and Motorcycling Victora as it is well known that Motocross Licences greatly assists road racing improvements. Motorcycling Victoria recently announced that it was currently seeking expressions of interest for club members and those wishing to assist in the founding of a new Motorcross (MX) Club at Broadford, a ride day was held 19th May 2018 and nothing about that day has been written about since. If Broadford Motocross Track was prepared correctly and could open on weekends like commercial facilities such as Ride Park and Park4MX funds wouldn’t be an issue hearing on the ‘grapevine’ funds Ride Park turns over per year, we all need places to ride our motocross bikes without the fear of getting nabbed and being issued fines for unregistered, unlicenced etc.


The Road racing and recreational motorcycle sports community are celebrating Saturday’s announcement of track resurfacing works at one of the state’s premier racing circuits.

Visiting the Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex on Saturday – at the Women’s Only Ride Day, Member for Northern Victoria, Jaclyn Symes announced an Andrews Government funding package of $143,000 to resurface the Road Race Circuit.

In addition to this, a massive $330,000 has also been provided from the Victorian Governments ‘Strategic Sporting Infrastructure Program‘ to go towards the re-surfacing works. This means that nearly half a million dollars has been poured into this project, ensuring that the Broadford State Motorcycle Sports Complex can continue to deliver the best experience to the communities that utilise the wonderful Road Race circuit.

The Broadford Road Race Circuit plays host to some major racing and recreational events all year around, catering to  Road Bikes, Sidecars, Super-moto and Historics, just to mention a few.

The circuit also provides a facility for new riders wanting to try out motorcycle sports, riders wanting to experience a competition surface, junior motorcycle sports development programs and of course the Womens Only Ride Days, which are designed to encourage female participation around road bikes both recreationally and competitively.

The complex is a key asset for Motorcycling Victoria, however the track is showing wear and tear.

The updated circuit surface will be laid later this year, and will continue to ensure Broadford operate as one of the best Road Circuit facilities in Victoria.

Saturday’s Women’s Only Ride Day is organised by Motorcycling Victoria to encourage women to come and try Road Racing bikes in a safe and supported environment. This is done to foster an increase in female participation in motorcycling sport, which is very male dominated. Coaches and mentors are also on hand to give the ladies all the assistance they need to develop their skills and confidence on a bike.

First time participants not only get to have hands-on experience, they can also get a free three month Recreational License if they want to continue riding.

Since the ride days started in 2016 interest has grown and last year the number of licenses issued jumped more than 60 percent.

The Andrews Government funding of $50,000 for Motorcycling Victoria’s Female Participation Program ensures days like Saturday’s Women’s Only Ride Day are possible. This further demonstrates the Victorian Governments strong commitment to motorcycling sports in Victoria, and also to encourage women and girls to get out there and get active!