A quick look at NZ’s Woodville GP

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Looking a the results of the Woodville GP in New Zealand held over the weekend (27/28 January 2018) Aussie Motocross Athletes are eager to impress in 2018. In its 57th year, the Annual New Zealand Motocross Grand Prix at the famous Woodville circuit has definitely set the mood for the 2018 racing season to be held in Australia, where the question on Motocross Fans minds is ‘who can beat Dean Ferris?’ And with Kayne Lamont making the Yammy shine in the feature race, the 2018 YZ450 may have the goods in Oceania.

In the feature race, Kayne Lamont led from start to finish. Rhys Cart and Kirk Gibbs battled to complete the podium with Gibbs posting the fastest lap of the race on lap 4 of the 5 lap moto.

In the MX1, Cody Cooper still has the goods and consistency. Hamish Harwood secured second overall by 3 points from Rhys Carter, and Kirk Gibbs finished 4th. Kayne Lamont finished in 7th overall.

In the MX2, Wyatt Chase edged out Hamish Harwood by 1 point for the overall with Australian Jay Wilson completing the final step of the podium.

For World Junior MX Fans, it will be interesting to see who comes from a swim as Horsham, Victoria, Australia hosts the championships in 2018.

Australian Mason Semmens won 2 out of the three races, James Scott won the second moto. Tommy Watts completed the podium.

For some reason, Australians like to think that the bigger the person the slower the bike, now, Mason Semmens is a big lad, as in tall, however, it doesn’t stop him from twisting the throttle, it would be great if people in the pits realised that to be fast a racer needs confidence, and to get that confidence a racer needs to be confident in their machine and the machine has to be reliable. If the machine doesn’t do what the rider wants, when they want it, the confidence will shink with it. Semmens was destined to dominate the 2017 Junior Australian Motocross Championships held at Horsham, however being caught up in a first corner pile-up wrote the history books in a different light.

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