AUSTRALIA, VICTORIA. With the final round of the Junior Victorian Motocross Championships slated for this weekend, the Victorian Motocross Committee is looking for Expression of Interest from Victorian Motocross Clubs to hold a round of the 2019 Junior Victorian Motocross Championships and Senior Motocross Championships. Hopefully, some different clubs will put there hand up for running a round of the State Motocross Champs.

At them moment Victoria runs 4 rounds of Junior and Senior Motocross Championships. There are no qualifying rounds or pre-entry conditions, just enter the class you are suited too and away you go. Victoria runs skill level grading, A is the highest level, followed by B, and C is an entry level.

As a club, you’ll need to supply a facility that is ready for racing, track marshalls, canteen facilities and any other spice, as in back in the day, some clubs used to put on a meal for Saturday night campers.

“Expressions of interest have been forwarded to all clubs for the hosting of a round of the Victorian MX Titles in 2019. These applications close on 10th August 2018.” Stated MV Motocross Management on Social Media.

We try our hardest to include all clubs from the contacts list that we have if it is missed it is mainly because a contact has moved on and a change has not been advised. A way to ensure that your club receives all information intended is to look at a generic email address that is applicable to your club and accessible at any time by the required committee person current and future without a hassle eg “clubname” This is only a suggestion but hopefully a useful one for both you and us.

If your club has not received this information email” concluded MV Motocross Management.