AUSTRALIA. The MA Speedway Commission would like to announce that the 2019 Australian Senior and Junior Speedway Sidecar Championship will not be run at Maryborough Speedway in Queensland, due to a change in the track surface raising safety concerns from the promoter.  

The championship will now be hosted at the brand new revamped Pioneer Park Speedway in Brandon, North Queensland 40 minutes south of Townsville on April 20-21 (Easter long weekend), hosted by The North Queensland Speedway Riders and Supporters Club.

Vice President of the North Queensland Speedway Riders and Supporters Club Gary Davey is excited to host the 2019 championship; “It’s a great honour for our club we have been together for a number of years and now we have a permanent home here at Pioneer Park. Hosting the 2019 Senior and Junior sidecars championship will be great for North Queensland speedway and our club,” said Davey.

After seven years off the speedway calendar and a mountain of work from new owners Rod and Teri Heathcote, Pioneer Park is back with a bang, new lights, new control tower, new hill area for the crowd and an air fence.

Heathcote can’t wait to hear the buzz of racing around the track again and wants to see Pioneer Park back to its best; “We want people to come and use the track, we have put in a lot of blood sweat and tears over the last two years (and a lot of money). It’s been a big task and we have gone to the effort of purchasing an air fence from the UK, as we want the venue to be up to date and to be one of the best tracks in the world,” finished Heathcote.