Victorian Regional Motocross Weekend


Victorian Regional Motocross Series where held over the weekend (09/10 March 2019), the Northern Region Motocross was held at Broadford, Western Region Motocross was held at Portland (Heywood Complex) and Gippsland Region Motocross at Wonthaggi.

Northern Region Motocross its first round for 2019 held at the State Motorcycling Complex at Broadford was the first group of riders to race the Motocross track with its updates. There has been a little frustration voiced on social media, had a chat to Rob Mestrom just in a curiosity mode as KJ thinks the facility should be used more so more money can be spent on the Motocross Circuit, a case of use it or lose it syndrome. They got through all the racing, a little dust issue which was sorted out during the meeting, unfortunately, a couple of injuries apart from that Rob dusted off his official’s coat for the meeting. It will be interesting to see how Broadford handles a round of the National Motocross 14th April 2019.

Northern Region raced on Sunday (10th March)and Results can be found here:

Western Region Motocross Round 2 headed to Heywood Motocross Complex for Portland’s round of racing. With some track issues from round 1 at Colac, riders caught up on the postponed last round of racing at Portland. Haven’t had a chance to chat to Mr Kenny Watts with his day off from the big rig, however, reports have been good so far well except people inadvertently taking transponders home. Portland is an awesome track and KJ would have loved to ride it but that one day isn’t looking possible at the moment.

Western Region raced Saturday and Sunday (09/10th March) and Results can be found here:

Gippsland Region Motocross headed to Wonthaggi for round 2 with Juniors racing on Saturday (09th March) and Seniors on Sunday (10th March). Not sure who to chat to about Wonthaggi, images from IHD Photography look kickarse. Wonthaggi will be action stations preparing for the second round of the MX Nationals to be held 31st March.

Gippsland Region, the Juniors raced Saturday (09 March)and Results can be found here:

Gippsland Region, the Seniors raced Saturday (10 March)and Results can be found here:

The next Victorian Regional Motocross weekend is scheduled for 11/12 of May.

Photo: IHD Photography, Gippsland Region Motocross Championships.

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