MWA/MA Statement- Barbagallo Raceway


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AUSTRALIA, WESTERN AUSTRALIA. Last week’s meeting of all stakeholders with the Minister for Sport & Recreation Mick Murray was an important step to returning motorcycling activities to Barbagallo Raceway

The meeting was attended by Rick Gill, Peter Clark of MWA & Peter Doyle of MA, along with senior representatives from WASCC, MCRCWA, City of Wanneroo and the Department of Local Government, Sport & Cultural Industries (formerly Department of Sport and Recreation). A rider representative group was also invited.

Pleasingly, all stakeholders have found a lot of common ground and are committed to working together to ensure that the necessary modifications are conducted at Barbagallo.

The key agreed outcomes from the meeting are as follows:

·       Turn 3 wall realignment: WASCC will investigate the cost and logistics of moving the wall at Turn 3 as recommended by the Hall Report. The parties agreed that the movement of the wall at Turn 3 is the primary solution to return to racing at Barbagallo. The Minister requested that WASCC begin this investigation as soon as possible.

·       Return of coaching: Whilst the original plan from May 2017 was to use physical constraints to limit speed in areas identified as having a critical risk, it was agreed that physical constraints would not be workable, and the risks can be managed by limiting speeds through an administrative management plan for rider training. MCRCWA will provide MWA with a management plan for the return of rider training related to limiting speeds for coaching purposes. Chris Hall will also review this plan to ensure its safety.

·       Present works and updated WASCC Report: WASCC will provide MA with an updated report on the track modifications addressing items outlined in the Hall Report. This will include an update on those modifications which have already been completed by WASCC which now comply with the Hall Report.

·      The completion of all works: Upon completion of all works at Barbagallo, WASCC will request MA inspect Barbagallo Raceway for licencing purposes.

We will continue to work cooperatively with all stakeholders, to see the safe return of all motorcycling activities to Barbagallo Raceway.



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