Motocross MX3 Class Information Bulletin #2025


Information Bulletin #2025


Affected Discipline:

Motocross MX3 Class

Information Pertains to:

Rule: 9.15.3Number Plate Colours for MX3

Existing Rule

9.15.3 Number Plate Colours Colours must be as:

New Rule:

9.15.3 Number Plate Colours Colours must be as:


The current MX3 colour that must be followed is not required for the identification of bikes as MX3 is a blended class of Junior and Seniors where;
• the bike is often used in another class being competed on the day and changing number plates between races is not practical

• adds unnecessary additional cost to compete for no added benefit and allows riders to display their normal bike number background colours
• allows greater identification of junior or senior riders to officials when dealing directly with riders
• provides a source of interest to spectators. eg. Similar to other junior classes 65cc, 85cc SW where you can recognise the “low age” riders on track against the older riders.
• encourage clubs/ states to adopt MX3 racing more regularly

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