2021 FIM Rally to be hosted in Soverato, Calabria – Italy 2-6 June


As initially announced on 27 March 2020, Italy was confirmed as the host country of the 2021 FIM Rally. The event, which should have originally taken place from 24 to 26 June 2020 in Foligno, and was postponed due to the Coronavirus disease (COVID-19) pandemic will now be held in Soverato (CZ) from 2 to 4 June 2021.

The organisational machine, which sees the joint commitment of the International Motorcycle Federation (FIM) and the Italian Motorcycle Federation (FMI), is already in motion. The change of location was necessary to ensure the smooth running of this prestigious event, in compliance with the ongoing health regulations. Whilst waiting to be able to understand the developments of the COVID-19 pandemic and given the nature of the FIM Rally which includes hundreds of motorcyclists, the priority was, in fact, to identify as soon as possible a place that would allow the event to be organised in large spaces and in an appropriate manner.

In 2019 Calabria successfully hosted the Motorcycle Tourism Trophy of Regions, and in a few months, the participants of the FIM Rally will have the opportunity to discover an area of artistic and natural beauty, known throughout the World for the quality of its food and wine. Excursions are planned to the National Museum of Magna Graecia in Reggio Calabria (where the Riace Bronzes are exhibited) and to food and wine companies in the area. Furthermore, the experience of the FMI staff will make it possible to better manage an event that will be held according to a formula suitable for respecting health needs and in areas where only participants and organisers can access. Further details will be confirmed in due course.


Giovanni Copioli, FMI President: “I would like to thank the local authorities of the city of Foligno and Umbria region, who have always shown great availability and enthusiasm for the FIM Rally. COVID-19 forced the FMI to change projects to ensure that the spaces and methods are suitable for the situation that has arisen. In agreement with the FIM, we have identified Soverato as the ideal location for 2021 as there are facilities that can ensure the safe running of this event. Also, in Calabria we have a strong collaboration with the authorities and bodies involved, a fundamental aspect in order to manage an event of such importance in such a challenging period.”


Rocco Lopardo, Vice President of the IMF and President of the Tourist Commission: “Due to force majeure, we could not confirm Foligno as the host location for the 2021 FIM Rally. It is a regret because we have always found a lot of passion for motorcycle tourism in this area. The event requires months of preparation and to be sure of respecting health needs we have chosen Calabria as the venue for the event. Motorcyclists will be welcomed according to the highest safety standards and will be able to get to know a territory rich in history, culture and tradition. They will also be able to visit a large part of our country, having to cross it to reach Soverato by motorbike.”


Jorge Viegas, FIM President said: “I am grateful to the Federazione Motociclistica Italiana (FMI) to have maintained their responsibility for organising this edition of the FIM Rally that marks its 75th anniversary, a number that highlights the importance of this event. The COVID-19 situation forced us to change our plans. The FMI, together with the FIM Touring and Leisure Commission, were ready to face the fast-changing scenario and they came up with a valid proposal for 2021. My hope is that all motorcycle tourists can reach Soverato, in the south of Italy, at the beginning of June in order that they can properly and safely celebrate this annual gathering that represents the touring history within the FIM, since 1936.”


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