Motorcycling Australia 2021 Manual Of Motorcycle Sport Now Available Online


Motorcycling Australia is pleased to release the online version of the 2021 Manual of Motorcycle Sport (MoMS).

The MoMS is available electronically via the MA website HERE so you can download, save and print for future reference.

To order a hard copy of the 2021 MoMS please complete the order form and submit to All Level 4 Officials will receive a copy in the mail.

The MoMS contains the rules and guidelines which come into effect January 1, 2021, for those participating in and conducting motorcycle sport. The GCRs contained in the MoMS have been generated as per the Rule Change Process, with the best interest of competitive motorcycle sport in mind to ensuring safe and fair experiences for all.

Please note the below chapters and sections with changes and refer to the 2020 Commission Minutes for further information which is available HERE

Chapter 1 Jurisdictions: 1.1 Definitions (Commissions, Motorcycle, Relegation, SIA and Series).

Chapter 2 Administration: 2.4 Officials (information removed from MoMS and added to new MA documents “Officials Powers and Authorities” and “Official Accreditation, Upgrades and Renewals”).

Chapter 3 Licensing: 3.1.1 Licence Conditions, 3.1.2 Licence Types and Activity Eligibility, and 3.3 Age Eligibility (for Juniors and Seniors in all disciplines, superseding previous age eligibility rules in each discipline-specific chapter).

Chapter 4 Competition: Track Inspectors (information removed from MoMS and added to new MA document “Officials Powers and Authorities”)

Chapter 5 Alternative Forms of Competition: No changes.

Chapter 6 Offences, Protests and Appeals: Updates to accommodate the new MA Complaints and Resolution Policy. 2020 Judicial Committee Guidelines chapter deleted.

Chapter 7 Road Race: Section 7A Australian Championships, Section 7B Competition Classes, (breather hoses and tubes), (isotropic superfinishing), (data acquisition), 7.26 Junior Mini GP and 7.27 Junior 85GP.

Chapter 8 Historic Road Race: 8.1 Australian Historic Road Race Matrix, (P6 250 Production machine eligibility), (changes to major components) and (lateral covers/engine cases).

Chapter 9 Motocross and Supercross: Section 9A Australian Championships/ Section 9B Competition Classes (new MX3 class, new Veteran classes and Endorsements for MX2 and MX3), (number plate colours for Women/ Girls) and (scoring).

Chapter 10 Classic Motocross and Supercross: Section 10A Australian Championships/ Section 10B Competition Classes (new Period 20 and Revolution classes) and 10.14.10 (acceptable machines and components).

Chapter 11 Enduro and Reliability Trials: 11.2 (new women’s trophy team), (women number plate colours), 11.14.14 Special Tests, 11.14.15 Final Speed Test and 11.26 AD4E awards.

Chapter 12 All-Terrain Vehicles: Section 12A Australian Championships, Section 12B Competition Classes, 12.11.7 Production and Section 12D Technical Regulations.

Chapter 13 Speedway: (gap of 300mm deleted).

Chapter 14 Dirt Track: Section 14A Australian Championships (new 250cc Slider class) and 14.9.3 Number Plate Colours (women/ girls).

Chapter 15 Supermoto: Section 15A Australian Championships (new Pro 250 class/ endorsement) and Section 15B Competition Classes (new Pro 250 class/ endorsement).

Chapter 16 Trial: Section 16A Australian Championships (line colour added to table), Section 16B Competition Classes (line colour added to the table and Sidecar Classic added), 16.10.2 Rider and Grade Identification, (event categories).

Chapter 17 Minikhana: 17.15 Right Hand Orange Course, 17.17 Right Hand Looping Course, 17.28 Spiral Course, 17.29 No Footing Spiral Couse, 17.30 Bending Orange Course.

Chapter 18 Appendices: No changes.

Please read all rules relating to your discipline before competing and contact Motorcycling Australia with any rule queries via email at