Jett Burgess-Stevens undergoes brain surgery


Talented Tasmanian motocross rider Jett Burgess-Stevens is undergoing brain surgery to 24 August 2020 to remove a tumour.

“G’day everyone. It’s Jett’s Uncle. I’m not a big poster on social media but I’d like to just ask everyone to keep Jett in their thoughts today as he undergoes brain surgery to remove a tumour that has progressively getting larger over the last 2 years.

Jett was diagnosed with the tumour and has been monitored closely for the last 2 years. His Dr’s have been very supportive of his selected sport and have been advising during this time. 2 weeks ago they deemed it was growing to aggressively to continue to only monitor and it should be removed.

He had his last race yesterday in a relaxing two-hour enduro, not MX, but some seat time. He wasn’t too impressed but still a heap of fun.

Jettie is extremely thankful for all of his sponsors that have supported his progression over the last few years. He’d like to personally thank Tam from the KTM Australian Junior MX Racing Team for guiding and supporting him during this time.

Jett is looking forward to a positive outcome from his surgery and is hoping to be back with his friends, family and sponsors in the coming months. There is no indication what the outcome could be but he’s keen to be back riding once given the clearance from his doctors.

Once back on his bike he looks forward to the continued support from his sponsors and the MX community in general.

We’ll keep you all informed of his progress over the next few days and weeks. We just want to let everyone know that Jett is our priority at this time and are extremely grateful in advance for all of the well wishes and positive thoughts.

If we can’t thank you all individually please know that Jett will be feeling all of your love and good vibes.” Jett MX Racing.

KAJX would like to wish Jett all the best with his surgery and recovery.