Victorian Restrictions Ease Equals Motocross Engines Starting


Yay! There is a light at the end of the tunnel for Victoria. KJ has been going slowly insane with the world lockdown, no sport to follow. This week KJ will be watching her first game of rugby cause it is a competitive sport that is starting, she has no idea of the rules but who cares!!! It was great to see some practice days emerging with the new rules under MA, remember that competition is still a no go until Motorcycling Australia ease restrictions and allow people to enter events and renew licences via RiderNet. Don’t quote me, but I’ve read somewhere that this may take place July 1, whether that is the situation will be looked at on July 1, honestly can’t remember. With practice days going ahead people are allowed to ride on a motocross track which isn’t in their backyard (lucky people who have their own tracks).

The Victorian State Government is easing restrictions, which is great, but no one has a crystal ball to see into the future for the ‘new normal.’ All I can suggest is take it easy, especially in riding, you may not be able to clear that obstacle anymore, it is no fault of your own, it is you haven’t ridden for a while, the skill will come back, you just have to allow it, it is like everyone has had an injury and are coming back to riding, stay safe out there.

Now motocross is allowed to do something, we will see the Governing Bodies reshuffle dates and see what is possible in 2020. With all sport returning at the same time this will be an interesting time for the benchwarmers, motorcycling media will have to do something to attract mainstream media with all the sport going on it will be hard to give motocross room… hopefully, things will be for the better and something new is adapted.

Stay safe, wash your hands, ring a friend.

Victorian Regulations: