Aussies Shine at MXGP of Great Britain


The opening round of the World Motocross Championship was held at Materly Basin in Great Britain on the 29th February and 1st March 2020.

With challenging conditions over the event seeing rain, hail, snow and sunshine Australian riders placed a footprint on the world stage.

Women’s (WMX)

Western Australian Tahlia Jade O’Hare cracked into the top 10 with a 10th place finish in the second race for a 12th Overall for the Round 1. Tahlia Free Practice 10th (3:51.516), Time Practice 12th (3:33.148), GP Race 1 15th (3:52.851), GP Race 2 10th (3:20.343).

Victorian Madison Brown did not have a round she wished for finishing in 29th. Free Practice 39th (time not recorded), Time Practice 26th (3:41.448), GP Race 1 26th (4:07.733), GP Race 2 25th (3:38.800).

Western Australian Hannah Bagnall not listed in the top 40 uncertain of her overall as her name is not mentioned in the overall classification in her debut Women’s World Motocross Championship. Free Practice 32nd (4:39.383), Time Practice 40th (4:04.267), GP Race 1 35th (4:37.899), GP Race 2 39th (4:05.572).

WMX Podium Courtney Duncan, Larissa Papenmeier, Nancy Van De Ven.

MX2 (250cc)

Tasmanian/Victorian Jed Beaton has made a bright start to his MX2 Campaign finishing just off the podium in 4th Place for Round 1. A good start for Beaton in 7th capitalised on errors made by other competitors and went from 5th to 3rd in a lap before finishing in 2nd. GP Race 2 a 7th Start with a quick move to 5th within a lap. A burst of rain mid-race followed by sunshine creating a greasy race track, Jed lost momentum getting stuck in the exit of a corner rut, then dropping the bike in the next corner, the tight field quickly passed him dropping down to 8th, Jed worked his way to 6th finish.

Free Practice 18th (2:58.687 ), Time Practice 8th (2:40.236), Warn-Up 5th (2:42.489), GP Race 1 2nd (2:36.430), GP Race 2 6th (2:31.505).

Nathan Crawford made his debut in the MX2 with a 14th place finish. Free Practice 13th (2:56.968), Time Practice 18th (2:43.514), Warm-Up 13th (2:45.750), GP Race 1 18th (2:38.798), GP Race 2 10th (2:34.561).

Wilson Todd also made his debut in the MX2 with a 17th place finish. Free Practice 9th (2:54.620), Time Practice 30th (2:45.597), Warm-Up 32nd (2:49.914), GP Race 1 21st (2:41.236), GP Race 2 13th (2:36.065).

Victorian Bailey Malkiewicz another Aussie to make his debut in the MX2 with a 32nd finish. Free Practice 30th (3:05.839), Time Practice 22nd (2:44.148), Warm-Up 15th (2:46.665), GP Race 1 38th (2:45.988), GP Race 2 29th (2:38.652).

MX2 Podium Jago Geerts, Tom Vialle, Mikkel Haarup.

MX1 (450cc)

Mitch Evans steps up to the MX1 class from MX2 in his second year on the World Championship Circuit finishing 5th overall on debut with a chest infection. GP Race 1 with a great start (2nd) also setting the fastest lap of the race early on, Mitch places Evans powered his Honda to 3rd place. GP Race 2 a start in the mid-pack, Evans worked his way from 15th with a majority of the race in 6th place was passed by Glenn Coldenhoff finishing 7th.

Free Practice 16th (3:04.325), Time Practice 8th (2:44.230), Warm-Up 13th (2:40.698), GP Race 1 3rd(2:32.535), GP Race 2 7th (2:32.645).

MX1 Podium Jeffrey Herlings, Tim Gajser, Tony Cairoli.