Okay folks, after taken 12 months away from motocross I have been finding other ways to keep myself amused. One has been a return to university study, another joining the local community radio station while also volunteering for the State Emergency Service as well as volunteering for anything else I found my experience and skills could assist. As I’ve been helping with non-moto related activities I have redesigned the kajx.com (my original site commercial photography website) to everything and anything that is not motocross related, I’ve also set up another Facebook page to link to the kajx.com site. Everything is a little quiet on both motocross and other projects which is great as I struggle through the summer heat here in Kerang, which has already seen multiple 49 degree days and multiple over 42 degree days.

If you’d like to keep up with the non-moto side of KAJX please like the new Facebook Page and favourite kajx.com website.