Victorian Motocross Dates Released


Motorcycling Victoria has announced State Championships and Regional Racing Dates for 2020.

“Motorcycling Victoria and the Motocross Management Committee are pleased to release dates the for 2020 Titles and Regions. The Motocross Management Committee will continue to work directly with the clubs to secure the venues. This information will be released when finalised.” Stated Motorcycling Victoria.

State Motocross Dates

  • 14/15 March
  • 28/29 March
  • 18/19 April
  • 9/10 May
  • 23/24 May
  • 13/14 June
  • 20/21 June
  • 25/26 July
  • 8/9 August – Emergency
  • 29th August – Presentation

And an Emergency Date is listed, really just get rid of it and if an event can’t be run on the day, then it is not run. People usually don’t receive their accommodation money back if they are not staying at the track, the club loses money on food as how many clubs have a freezer big enough to store it all in? Just set the date and that is the date.

Regional Motocross Dates

  • 22/23 Feb
  • 21/22 Mar
  • 25/26 Apr
  • 16/17 May
  • 6/7 June
  • 18/19 July
  • 15/16 August
  • 5/6 September
  • 19/20 September
  • 10/11 October
  • 24/25 October
  • 7/8 November

Let us run the Regional World Championship with 12 rounds (yes sarcasm) and the series runs all year like the MXGP, this is Victorian Regional Racing, right? I follow the Western Region and there are only 6 Venues (Warrnambool, Portland, Colac, Ballarat, Ararat and Horsham) not sure about other Regions but time of year and location can be detrimental to a round of racing, back in the day 2 Day Opens used to fill the racing calendar, not Regional Racing and in 2018 3 Motocross Open meetings held, why? Permit Costs, spare dates for racing or something else?

Looking at the dates and being ex-service ANZAC Day is listed as a Regional Competition date. I don’t have an issue if the day was a Tri-Region Challenge with an ANZAC theme to show respect to people who have served, currently serving and their family, anything else is disrespectful.