Motorcycling Australia Alliance Update


Recently the Motorcycling Australia Alliance (MA Alliance) met at Motorcycling Australia’s (MA) Head Office in Melbourne to discuss a wide range of subjects and identify issues that are currently being experienced through both local clubs and State Controlling Bodies (SCB) that participate in the MA Alliance. Participating members of the MA Alliance include Motorcycling Queensland, Motorcycling New South Wales, Motorcycling Tasmania, Motorcycling South Australia, Motorcycling Western Australia and Motorcycling Northern Territory.

*** Currently Motorcycling Victoria has refused to sign the Alliance, KAJX.NET believes this is due to the issues arising from Motorcycling Victoria owned ‘State Motorcycling Complex’ at Broadford, which has Dirt Track, Motocross, Road Racing and Enduro areas/facilities. However, Motorcycling Victoria aligns itself with Motorcycling Australia policies. ***

Over the course of the meeting, the MA Alliance did identify that inefficiencies in the form of duplication of administration as well as inconsistencies in services and support available were some of the issues that are currently affecting our members. In an effort to constantly improve our product, service and support that we offer our members,  it was unanimously agreed across the MA Alliance that the MA federation would change the way it delivers its products and work together to deliver consistent service and consistent support across the country whilst also reducing costs.

The MA Alliance is pleased to announce that over the next 18 months our members will begin to see change across the country. These changes will include:

  •  Centralised National Licensing System: Currently MA licenses are processed in each state and as such fees and terms vary. By January 2021 the MA Alliance will introduce a centralised national licensing system that will ensure that fees and terms are standardised for members across the country. The creation of a national licensing section will allow for both the issuing and support of all licenses and license enquires.  To ensure the needs of our members are met, should you need to visit your local SCB they will still be able to assist you with any licensing enquires with the support of the national licensing section.
  • Permitting and Fee Structure:  Currently, MA permits are processed in each state and as such fees and terms vary. The objective of the MA Alliance is to standardise the permits across the country over the course of the next 18 months in order to create a standardised schedule of conditions and fees. This will ensure greater transparency to members and a clearer understanding of our products and services. 
  • Administration: A large issue for state bodies is the amount of administration that is occurring on a daily basis within each office that has significantly reduced the amount of resources and support available for local clubs.  The MA Alliance has committed to identifying the areas of duplication of administration and creating a more efficient and national solution over the course of the next 18 months. The solution will allow state bodies to focus and dedicate more resources to club development and increasing participation within our sport whilst reducing unnecessary costs at both local and state levels.

The MA Alliance is committed to advancing motorcycling in a fun and inclusive environment: Ride. Race. Enjoy. The above changes have been identified in an effort to engage, support and develop the Motorcycling Australia Federation in order to provide further opportunity, education, support and increased value to our loyal members.

*** In Victoria KAJX.NET has viewed the permit structure for 2020, KAJX.NET understands that there need to be an administration fees/etc to help run the Motorcycling Victoria Office, however, KAJX.NET feels that the affiliation fees to Motorcycling Victoria are unfair and do not help clubs, it actually penalises clubs as affiliation is based on club members, not a standardised affiliation fee. Plus a person can be a member of many clubs, therefore, Motorcycling Victoria technically is double or triple dipping on a single club member. The sport is becoming too expensive for a rider who has to pay for a licence to race, and the club has to pay for a permit to run a race with rider levies plus an affiliation fee. There is a growing movement called the AMA Australian Motorcyclist Association where race meetings can be run with a one-off yearly fee for clubs to run an unlimited amount of events per year (KAJX has been told this is $1200) and evidently the competitor race licence is $60 a year. It will be interesting to see how many clubs ‘go black’ and move away from Motorcycling Australia Affiliation. There needs to be more talk about reducing permit fees and rider licensing under Motorcycling Australia. ***