Third meeting of the FIM Board of Directors in 2019

Left to right: Jan Stovicek (FIM Board Member), Martin De Graaff (FIM Europe President), Jorgen Bitsch (FIM Board Member), Larbi Rida-Sbai (FIM Africa Representative), Giovanni Copioli (FIM Board Member), Jos Driessen (FIM Board Member), Jorge Viegas (FIM President), Tony Skillington (FIM Chief Executive Officer), Pedro Venturo Jr (FIM Latin America President), Jacques Bolle (FIM Vice-President), Stephan Carapiet (FIM Asia President), Rob Dingman (FIM North America President & CONUs representative), Glen Williams ( FIM Oceania President). © FIM/Manon Geoffray

The FIM Board of Directors met at the Federation’s headquarters in Mies, Switzerland, on 27 & 28 August. During these two days, the Board addressed many FIM topics, in particular:

E-bike: The successful inaugural FIM E-X Bike World Cup took place in Imola during the MXGP on 17 August in Italy with top riders Marco Melandri & Davide Guarneri in attendance. Riders from several parts of Europe participated in the FIM E-X Bike race for electric bicycles. This experience is an excellent working basis for the future of this promising Championship. The Board approved the creation of an E-bike Working group comprising a dozen members, meeting soon, and an E-Bike Commission for 2020. This decision will be submitted to the General Assembly.

Collaboration with FIA: Thanks to their great working relationship, the FIM and the FIA collaborate on a range of research projects related to circuits, competitor safety devices, medical issues, sustainability, women, and various homologation programs. Both Federations share circuits around the world. A collaborative approach to safety standards will simplify the process for the industry whilst ensuring the highest level of safety for competitors worldwide.

Cross Country Rallies, Bajas and Side by Side Vehicles: For the very first time, two International Sporting Federations will organise joint Championships. The FIM and the FIA agree that the FIM/FIA licences will be valid on both Federation events. Common calendars are under discussion and regulations are being finalised. A joint meeting will be organised at the FIM Headquarters on 3 September.

KTM/WESS: Since the beginning of the year, the FIM has been openly talking with the KTM Group and the party responsible for the existing “Extreme Enduro Series” in order to find a way to improve the Enduro discipline. However, despite many efforts and meetings, it has not been possible to reach an agreement. The FIM stays firm with regards to environmental rules, safety conditions, protection of riders and controlling the sport. The FIM remains totally open to a fair agreement for the future.

Enduro / Enduro “Extreme: The Board approved the decision to launch as soon as possible two different tenders: one for the promotion of the FIM Enduro World Championship 2021-2030 and another for a new FIM Enduro Extreme World Cup 2020-2029, with the objective of bringing together the Enduro family.

FIM Calendars: The Sports department worked closely with the FMNs and FIM Promoters to harmonise the 2020 FIM World Championships, Cups and Prizes events calendars. For the first time there will be no date clashes in the same country.

Trial-E: The FIM will present a bid for Trial-E to be included in the European Games governed by the European Olympic Committes in 2023.

FIM Historic Events: New event: a parade for historical racing motorcycles in all disciplines. The first edition of the FIM Historic Events will be held in Estoril on 5 & 6 October, attended by Giacomo Agostini, in the presence of the FIM President.

Protocols: The Board approved protocols for podium ceremonies and receiving Officials for the FIM World Championship Events as from 2020.

Anti-doping: The Board has approved a new simplified and speedy procedure for anti-doping tests for the AMA Supercross, an FIM World Championship. The sample collection and analysis will be carried out by the US Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). The FIM will be responsible for the rest of the procedure in case of a positive result.

IFM (International Foundation for Motorcycling): In May the Board approved on principle the creation of a Foundation for the FIM. Today, the Board approved the statutes of the IFM aiming to create new sources of revenue and unite key motorcycling stakeholders around FIM projects. The International Foundation for Motorcycling project will be presented to the FIM General Assembly in Monaco in November.

Finance: Following a recommendation by the FIM Finance Committee, the 2020 FIM budget was approved by the Board of Directors for presentation to the FIM General Assembly.

FIM Distinction: Several Honorary memberships and distinctions have been discussed and approved by the Board, to be proposed to the General Assembly.
In addition, the CONU Presidents, the Board Committees and the departments of the administration presented the progress of their projects.

The next and last Board of Directors meeting for 2019 will be held on 28 & 29 November in Monaco ahead of the General Assembly and FIM Awards.