Wilson Todd MX2 World Championship bound in 2020


One thing that has always bothered me was Motocross Pathways to overseas competition. I’ve been thinking about this since Jay Marmont won back-to-back-to-back championships. I feel hard work with success should be rewarded. I love watching MXGP (the World Motocross Championship) because as a fan you can see a pathway, do well in the EMX250 then get a supported ride in the MX2, do well in the MX2 receive a supported ride in the MXGP (unless you are Red Bull KTM, riders stay factory with at least 1 year in the MXGP to prove themselves).

Wouldn’t it be nice if an athlete won an Australian MX1 Motocross Championship back-to-back and was rewarded with a supported ride overseas for 12 months? I feel for Dean Ferris, he reached is goals in Australia went to the USA grabbed a supported ride then lost it when the injured rider returned (and an MXGP fill in which didn’t go to plan). Here is a guy that has won 3 championships back-to-back in 2018 he won all championship rounds and can’t get a ride overseas?

I’ve been watching the progress of the Lawrence family with interest. The Lawrence Family sold up everything, left Queensland for Europe, Hunter was noticed and gained support for his time in Europe however he didn’t actually didn’t earn money until his American stint. There where VISA issues not exactly sure, but to sell up and move for a dream is ballsy, but like Hernán Cortés a Spanish explorer who arrived in Central America with a crew, burnt the ships to increase crew motivation to succeed defeated the Aztecs and claimed Mexico for Spain, Hunter Lawrence attracted the eye of GECIO Honda and with his younger brother Jett has hit the honey pot of future success.

Jed Beaton has been in Europe doing it hard also, he is now with Rockstar Huskvarna and is unfortunately injured on and off in 2018 MX2 Season. Mitchell Evan’s is also in Europe, with his rookie year in the MX2 for 114 Motorsports Honda had a great start but also been hampered of late with injuries.

In 2020, Aussie MX2 Champion Wilson Todd will head to Europe “I don’t how much I can say, but I’ve got a deal in Europe next year, and that’s about it. I’m pretty happy – the team approached me, and it’s a top team, so it’s pretty cool. At the time I had the possibility of going to America with Troy Lee, but I got back to the guys [in Europe] and said I’ll do it”. According to GateDrop.com ‘With regards to what team Todd will link up with in the World Championship, the Aussie has been linked to Steve Dixon’s DRT Kawasaki team and the 114 Motorsports Honda team have also been linked to an Aussie so let’s not rule them out.’

Europe was the same pathway for Aussie great Chad Reed and New Zealand great Ben Townley so it is a proven pathway, a pathway Hunter Lawrence followed and is now in the USA with a great Team. The question is who will be the next successful Aussie Hunter Lawrence, Jett Lawrence, Jed Beaton, Mitchell Evans or Wilson Todd? Not sure what Dean Ferris’ movements are, just a shame he can’t pick up a ride overseas he is 30 and Chad Reed proves Aussie racers can defy the AMA retirement age however teams are looking for a younger horse in the race paddock, maybe his future is a fill-in rider for someone overseas or just stay in Australia, dominate and actually build future strong Aussie motocross talents who ‘hopefully’ work their way to the oversea’s stage and be successful.

Wilson Todd will have to shine (I think in a 2-3 year window) in the MX2 as in the World MX2 Motocross Championship has a 23 years of age cap (basically at 23 you are expected to ride in the MXGP class).