Vic Titles venue change, Ballarat to Wonthaggi


Okay, folks grab your soft drink popcorn and a chocolate bar as the social media war has begun with the change of venue for the final day of the rerun Ballarat.

MV Motocross Management stated on social media 15 July 2019:

“Since ‪Sunday mid-morning‬ Motocross Management have been sourcing possible clubs to host the event ‪on Saturday 20th July 2019‬, as it was always proposed to be this date. Those clubs have had to ensure that their proposed track was viable for competition, the club had sufficient volunteers and flaggies were available for the event, along with Management ensuring officials and first aid were also available at a changed location.

We thank the clubs that we have been in consultation with.

Motocross Management advises that the event to be held ‪on Saturday 20th July 2019 will take place at Dandenong MCC, Wonthaggi MX track.

The classes competing are 50cc, 65cc, 85BW and 250cc classes.

Entries will close ‪on Wednesday night at 7 pm‬ should further riders wish to enter.”

I am in favour of every region to have a venue that holds a state title, to me to change from Ballarat another Western Region Club should have had first dibs on the round rerun. Conspiracy theories can state that the venue change was the furthermost from the South Australia and Victorian border. What is concerning in my view that the Sunday rerun is being held on a Saturday, in my view the round should be run on a Sunday as the original round was on a Sunday, it would be interesting why Motocross Management has changed from a Sunday to a Saturday race meeting.

The social media has been lighting up like race fuel has been added to an already heated situation. And a question that has been asked of why not the August date and with the reply of the August date is too close to the presentation night date. Shane Metcalfe from South Australia asked this question on social media “Why can’t it be run on the 2nd rain date in August??? You are moving it from one side of the state to the other giving less than a weeks notice.” And he has a valid question. With the talk being thrown around at the moment, the situation will discourage future entries from athletes that are located out of Victoria. Is that a good thing? I say not if people have the event dates at the start of the year, people organise their racing to complete series only to have a rerun and a venue change and a venue change to the opposite side of the state has conspiracy theories running wild.