Ballarat Junior Vics… Postponed… Again… And maybe a change of venue…


Prepare for some sarcasm as KJ has been watching the keyboard warriors do there best once the Ballarat Junior Vics was cancelled because ‘Huey’ laid out too much water.

Now back on June 30, Ballarat Junior Victorian Motocross Championships was washed out. Kenny Watts handles the rain requests for the Western Region and Ballarat did need a little rain, but when Kenny was asking it was going straight to Huey’s answering machine and Huey got all the messages at once and washed the event out.

Then the knives came out with the keyboard warriors as the new date 20th July 2019 is also the same day that the South Australian Motocross Championships are on at Ceduna. There are rumours about what happened and who spoke to who which I will not glorify as I didn’t hear it from the people mentioned and MV Motocross Management wrote this on social media 03 July:

“Motocross Management would like to correct some information that has arisen from the weekend.

At no time was a decision not made in conjunction with Ballarat Rovers Motorcycle Club on both Saturday and Sunday. No person knows a clubs track better than the club people and executive. The committee is committed to working with the clubs that host these events and is in contact in the lead up to the event, prior to and during that week regularly.

Let’s start at Saturday. Yes, it rained overnight, with the checking of three weather forecasts all different, all were confident that it was at its worst and be gone by 11 am. At no time did anyone question the event going ahead at riders briefing, all riders had the chance to raise issues at this point. Did anyone expect it to deteriorate like it did, within a 15 min bracket when we started, no they didn’t. The days racing was ceased, again in conjunction with all parties consulted that to continue would mean that the track would not be able to be brought back into repair for Sunday.

The club worked hard to prepare the track for Sunday, again all rain was to be gone by late Saturday, so again it was not expected early Sunday morning. Again consultation with all parties was conducted, it was unfortunately decided that racing would not proceed as there was no way that machinery would be able to repair areas that would need attention without impacting the track itself.

The emergency date of 20th July was chosen in consultation with the club, as this being their preference on that weekend.

Why do we have two dates on calendar unlike other states we run two separate titles and if required there were sufficient dates to cover both. This was also with the planning of presentation later but venue availability meant that presentation was required to be brought forward 31st August 2019.

Suggestions that it should be changed makes it very hard for many reasons – we are the first state to have a calendar for the year out and we do forwarded our calendar to other states in order to avoid clashes. We are mindful when we set our calendar that we do this early. Unfortunately, events are run against ours.

To further suggest that we change the date to a later impacts greatly on many other factors. We have a presentation evening that has a deadline of many factors leading into that function – trophies (nobody would like to attend a title with no trophies to be presented) likewise the medallions, the magazine printing, could go on but really is anyone going to care.

Likewise responding to all of these comments who is really going to care what we say but committee nominees should be quite large for 2020 by those who have commented. The nominations are open, please take the time to read the governance policy attached with the nomination form. To become a committee person you have to have thick skin when the going is good you don’t hear much, when it is against someone you hear a lot.

Many people are affected by this reschedule, not just the riders, many travel to events not just to participate.

The rerun of Sundays racing is 20th July 2019. It has been suggested that SA move their round to the weekend before or after as both are free.”

The 14 July Motocross Management announced that there was a lot of rain forecast for Ballarat next week.

“Motocross Management respond to the post by Ballarat Rovers on social media this morning that has seen Management be unable to post a notice with definite confirmation of venue –
Notice on media – Rovers, given the recent rain and the forecast of a whole lot more, the suggestion to postpone the Junior Vic Title round scheduled for July 20th has been put forward to MV, please watch their page for more info.
We do understand the disappointment and inconvenience this causes, but Mother Nature will not be argued with, and we need to consider rider safety and integrity of the track.

Management has been in consultation with the executive of the club with regard to the upcoming event on the 20th of July. It is with disappointment that we are unable to utilise the track at Ballarat due to a day of torrential conditions that were received across the state on Friday 12th, did irrecoverable damage to the track for the upcoming date.

We are mindful that everyone has made commitments to this date and this date needs to be utilised as always scheduled, along with as the series was going to be completed by the July date, holidays have been booked by people associated with the series, medical, along with many other reasons.

We thank Ballarat Rovers MCC for diligently overseeing the track since there previously, and addressing the matter quickly with the current predicament.

Whilst we try and manage effectively all things within events, Mother Nature is not one of them, and the conditions across the states has been unprecedented.

Whilst we are going to be hit with the shoulda, woulda, coulda expert comments there is no ability for a later date. As I have been advised regularly on other matters “human error” I, unfortunately, did not remove the second date from the events information on social media, otherwise no-one would have even been aware of this, my error – I’m human.

Management is currently talking to two clubs and the venue will be known tomorrow as to the location of the meeting to be held.

We apologise but we have managed this the best that we can, given the conditions, it may not please all but it is what it is, and we have more than one “your” rider to consider.

Motocross Management

Here is my bit of keyboard warriorship. There were 2 dates listed on the Calander for emergency dates, to me, that means that they are reserve dates for unforeseen circumstances and that is what storms are. It has been weird lately that the weather people have suggested rain, then, we get rain, there have been many examples of forecast rain then… nothing. So why mention this “To further suggest that we change the date to a later impacts greatly on many other factors. We have a presentation evening that has a deadline of many factors leading into that function – trophies (nobody would like to attend a title with no trophies to be presented) likewise the medallions, the magazine printing, could go on but really is anyone going to care.” If the date is unsuitable, then why list it in the first place. Trophies, can be worked around with everything ordered and done without a plaque, yeah this is a pain in the butt however it can be done, the trophy amount would not change. Medallions that would have to be last minute and you’d have to have a fantastic relationship with the supplier/business. Magazine, well printing of it should have been a factor before listing the emergency dates. KJ is not a fan of emergency dates, you either run an event or you don’t.

When looking at the emergency dates, which there were two 20/21 July and 10/11 August, why make them so close together, to begin with? And if the presentation date was too close, why list the Emergency dates?

Looks like I am grabbing the popcorn and the Pepsi to see 1) if there is a venue change or 2) will the 10/11 of August dates be used. A week out, to change the venue from Ballarat, there are no tracks nearby so accommodation cannot be used, hmmm definitely going to be interesting…