Motorcycling Victoria Management Committees


Our sport is run by Volunteers. Sure there is an office with limited paid staff to keep the wheels turning, but keep events running on behalf of the state a Management Committee is formed.

Committees are great, they have a group of people who focus on a specific discipline, that in itself ensures that like-minded people are all working towards the goal of making there discipline the best it can be.

Motorcycling Victoria has recently updated the MV Management Committee Governance Policy to ensure this is clear to anyone who may be interested in getting involved.

Motorcycling Victoria Management Committee Governance Policy is a very interesting read and if all committees follow the Policy the Sport will kick goals and advance. However, on a sombre note, it is disappointing that some responsibilities are left up to volunteer Committees that are restricted to seven people without board approval and unfortunately I see where issues will arise, hopefully, some conversations with Motorcycling Victoria set my mind at ease or create a strategy to solve foreseeable issues when they arise.

Motorcycling Victoria Management Committee Governance Policy Here

Motorcycling Victoria invite you to submit your Expression of Interest in joining a Management Committee if you are interested in the future and development of Motorcycle sport.

There are two categories of MV Management Committees and they are “Discipline” specific and “Participation or Advisory”.

Motorcycling Victoria encourages you to visit our website where you will find the Express of Interest forms.

Applications for expressions of interest close 5 pm Friday 26th July 2019.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss any of this please call Motorcycling Victoria:  (03) 5784 2827