Herlings breaks ankle


2018 MXGP World Champion has had another set back after a crash on the warm-up lap of the opening moto of the MXGP of Latvia 16th June 2019. The pit crew worked overtime to get the #84 machine race ready after Herlings had a disagreement with a jump and the bike landed on top of him, riders following Herlings narrowly missed the bike, however, Arminas Jasikonis clipped Herlings’ foot. The race was entertaining with an epic battle for the lead, Jeffery Herlings passing Arnaud Tonus in the final two laps of the race. Tonus who had led a majority of the race after passing Tony Cairoli. The win would end up bittersweet, Herlings first race victory in 2019, but out again with a broken ankle.

“Very sorry to say I have broken my ankle, had a small crash in sighting lap and another rider rode over my bad foot and broke my ankle. I decided after sighting lap to still line up for the moto and even won the moto with a broken ankle. I just can not believe it anymore…….. Of course, I will be out for 2nd moto. Feeling so sorry for my team and sponsors.” announced Jeffery Herlings on Social Media.

Not sure if Herlings should have been on the race track, doctors have said that the type of injury he suffered would take 9-12 months according to heal Herlings stated in a post-race interview after winning the qualifying race. He was 4 and half months post-injury, 3 weeks on the bike, really what was the point? Herlings also stated that he was struggling with race fitness, suffering arm pump and stiffness. Either a silly move by KTM or Herlings.