Andrew’s sidelined with head injury


Victorian Motocross Athlete Liam Andrews has been sidelined from motocross racing after multiple concussions. The Bendigo teenager wrote on social media:

“For anyone who doesn’t know, the reason why I haven’t been at the track lately is because I suffered a serious concussion 2 weeks before round 1 of the mx nationals, I tried riding and racing but it just wasn’t the same, I couldn’t concentrate and had balance issues. I then had 3 weeks off the bike to recover and then tried riding again and got another serious concussion. The doctor said I still had some issues from the first concussion and would need to take a few months off the bike to let my head fully recover. I’m hoping to be ready for the start of the Supercross season and I am very disappointed and sorry I have let all my sponsors down.” Stated Liam Andrews.

Brain injuries are serious injuries, it is the human organ that controls everything. Unfortunately, some people don’t take it as seriously as they should. Liam has done the correct thing not to be on the bike at the moment. Every rider is disappointed when they can not race, the head isn’t like a broken arm in plaster that everyone can see.

Best Wishes to Liam Andrews in his recovery.